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The most fundamental part of a democracy is the free and fair selection of the government a.k.a. elections. So, here is an elemental understand how this process takes place, what are its flaws and how we can make improvements.

Fielding Candidates (FC): Political parties field candidates that are likely to win and it’s easier to win an election with a political party. Follow our chart to see if you’d make a good candidate for political parties.

Vote Banks (VB): Political parties tend to depend on certain groups of voters, like an ethnic or religious minority, to back them during the election in return for focussing on policies that will benefit that group. Learn more about these ‘vote banks’ here.

Flying Squads (FS): The cash-for-votes trend in India around elections time has become very commonplace. To combat it, the Election Commission of India has come up with ‘flying squads’. Here’s what they do.

Joke Candidates (JC): Some countries allow joke candidate to stand for elections, people who don’t necessarily want to win the election, but satirize political issues to make them part of the election narrative. Here’s why India could really need benefit from these candidates.

Meddling (Md): Countries love to poke their noses in each other’s elections. Here are a few reasons why they do it.

Opinion Polls (OP): Opinion and exit polls are an election time staple, but are they losing popularity? We think so.

Referendum (Re): Referendums are a great way to resolve national problems by allowing the people to decide how it’s done. But they may not be suited for India. Here’s why.

Political Reservation (SC): To make sure that minority communities are not politically marginalized; India reserved a proportion of its Parliament seats for them. Here’s what you need to know about this system of reservation.

iVote (iV): Stay tuned

ID Fraud (ID): Voter IDs can be issued with ease and in many situations can be used as legitimate government ID. This can lead to many problems and we’ve come up with a whole list.

Delimitation (De): The last time India’s constituencies were outlined was 1976. Redrawing them now would make elections more fair and accurate. Read about this here.

Funds (Fu): Know where all the money for those huge rallies and campaign jet-setting comes from? Take our quiz.

Blockchain (BC): We could minimize all the problems involved with elections by introducing technology to the election process. Here’s our video about how blockchain technology could help.

Compulsory Voting (CV): Many countries have compulsory voting. The Indian state of Gujarat has it too. Should the rest of the country follow this lead? Read our article to know more.

Rigging (Rg): From ballot stuffing to EVM tampering, rigging an election has become so widespread. Here’s how it’s done exactly.

Non-Resident Indians (NRI): Should NRIs be allowed to vote? Some say yes but others disagree. Here’s where India officially stands on this topic.

Real Life (RL): The 2017 film ‘Newton’ hit the nail on the head where depicting the ground realities of the election process. Watch our video about this here.

First Past The Post (FPTP): India uses the First Past The Post system to determine who wins elections, but maybe another system would work better? We explain.

Election Reform (EC): Elections in India are riddled with problems and we can reduce these by making a few changing to our electoral process.

Dry Days (DD): Ever wondered why election days in India are dry days? We have the answer.

Political Symbols (Sy): The allotment of political symbols by the Election Commission of India is pretty odd. Maybe it’s time to do away with the symbols altogether? Watch our video about it here.

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