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WTD News Guide To The ‘Digital Age For Dummies’ Collection

Digital Age For Dummies: An old-fashioned way to talk about new-fashioned stuff

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Explore Hidden Messages: Did you know there’s a part of the internet that is hidden away and full of illicit and nefarious activity? Here’s what goes down in the dark web.

Prepare Yourself: What if by some celestial anomaly, all modern technology just suddenly stopped working? Watch our video to find out.

Straighten Up: Thanks to all the time we spend using our phones, tablets and computers, we’re now developing these new ‘tech ailments’ that didn’t exist before. Here’s a slideshow of a few of them.

Tackle Pesky Algorithms: Algorithms are these complex codes that dictate how websites and apps. We explore if these algorithms can ever be smarter than humans.

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The rules and regulations for the digital age: Technology is growing at an extremely fast rate that the laws that are required to regulate it. Read our article to understand why this is a big problem.

The bots that are taking over your life: Bots are everywhere and they are more powerful than you know. Watch our video for proof.

How you’re a part of a data-set: If you’re getting something online for free, you’re probably the product. Here’s how you’re being brokered.

The data hungriest technologies: What uses more data, Facebook or Twitter? Was the Panama Papers Leak a bigger data dump or Hillary Clinton’s email dump? Our infographic will break it down for you.

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Identify who’s watching and listening to you: The technology you love and need is spying on you and the Government has been too. So you’re not alone. Anywhere. Here’s proof.

Navigate the crazy crypto-currency market: Crypto-currencies are becoming a big deal. Read our article to know how it affects us in India.

Deal with a new dimension of reality: Virtual reality and augmented reality are the future. Watch our video to see what we think will be its most fascinating uses.

Cookie Monster: Introducing the little cookie monsters in your web browsers. Here’s what they’re used for.

Get smart with the Internet of Things: You know how most human beings are connected to each other now thanks to technology? That’s the Internet of People, but soon even things will be connected to each other. Watch how life will look like once this happens.

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