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WTD News Guide To The ‘Animal Rights FTW’ Collection

With the state of animal rights in India, for animals to live freely and fairly, they have to navigate a maze full of hurdles before they can get to the other side.


You may think that marine parks like Seaworld have trained professionals making sure animals are treated well. While that is true, just by removing animals from their natural habitats, humans are traumatizing these creatures.


To bring you all the gory deets about the exploitation of animals for beauty and fashion, we’ve created our own fictional brand. Here’s everything we provide and how we produce it.


In India, animal sports are very popular because they are at the center of many cultures and traditions. But does that mean animal rights should be ignored? Let’s analyze.


India’s laws against animal killing, believe it or not, are pretty comprehensive. The only loophole? Exemption for religious purposes. Watch our video about how this exemption changes EVERYTHING.


Take our quiz about India’s animal rights laws to find out if you know what’s right from wrong where animals are concerned.


Using animals for entertainment is mainly for profit and one way to tackle this problem is by creating alternate careers paths for the handlers. Read about how we did this for the ‘dancing bears‘ to understand how we can do it for other animals too.


Changing your diet to protect animals has become quite a trend, but does it really help save animal lives? We think so. Read our article about it here.

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