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WTD News Guide To The ‘Restricted Section’ Collection

Welcome to the Restricted Section.

Allow us to navigate you through all the things you might not have the freedom to do.

Don’t Watch: Like many Indians, if you depend on T.V. and cinema for cultural exposure, you’re not going to see a lot of things that you actually really need, all thanks to censorship. Fortunately, we’ve made a list for you with all the touchy topics you’re missing.     

Don’t Say: Feel like cracking a politically incorrect joke? Don’t. Don’t agree with something the Government is doing? Shut up. Instead, take this quiz on whether you’re like to be arrested for defamation or sedition, and then read our pro-tips on how to avoid it.

Don’t Wear: If you’re confused about what to wear for a night out, we’ve put together some visual suggestions from India’s patriarchy.

Don’t Do: Moral Police is determined to stop you from becoming too “Western”. Flip through our album to see when what-not-to-do became more than just a suggestion.

Don’t Enter: In India menstruating women are considered “dirty” and are kept from doing routine things like going to the temple or entering their kitchen. Case in point: the Lord Ayappa Temple, Sabarimala (Kerala). Check out the video here.

Don’t Learn: A textbook may be the easiest way to influence a generation. They may deliberately hide the other side of the story, leaving out scope for any critical analysis. Here’s a history of textbook revisions…

Don’t Hear: If you think radio is a dying medium, think again. More than half our population still depends on this historic device as a primary medium for information. The problem? Private FM Radio is not allowed to broadcast the news.

Don’t Love: By criminalising homosexuality, Section 377 of India’s Constitution denies 2.5 million Indians their right to love. If you don’t already know enough about this issue to make your blood boil, watch our video.

Don’t Eat: That beef burger you’re secretly biting into is more than just a tasty meal. It symbolizes your Right To Equality, your Right to Life & Liberty, your Right To Practice Any Profession AND your Right to Freedom Of Religion. *stuffing our mouths with food* Lawyered.

Don’t Stay: House hunting in urban India can be tough, but we’ve got the tips for you to avoid the prejudice you might face. 

Don’t Dance: Nightlife in Indian cities is pretty restricted. We got Rihanna to school you on how to change this. Spoiler Alert: She’s not going to ask you to wear sanskari-er clothes. 

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