Pooropoly WTD 101

WTD News Guide To The ‘Pooropoly’ Collection


Objective Of The Game: You are the Indian Government. You are given a limited number of resources and you have to create a plan to use these resources as strategically as possible to lift as many people out of poverty as possible.

Contents Of The Game:

1. Community Chest: By including as many Indians in our financial sector as possible, India could completely change its economic landscape. Watch Ram’s story to understand how.

2. North East: The 7 sister states have long been ignored by successive governments but PM Modi made some hefty promises to these states when he took office. Our report card evaluates whether he’s going to keep his promises or if it was all just talk.

3. Opportunities: Since Independence, the Government of India has had many opportunities to frame policies that could reduce India’s poverty numbers. We’ve made a list of the ways they’ve picked.

4. Go To Jail: Stay tuned.

5. Electricity: You know how in Swades, Shah Rukh Khan’s character Mohan was so determined to bring electricity to Charanpur? That’s because he realised that bringing electricity to a village was the best way to bring all-round development as well. Let us explain.

6. Water Works: In India, we’ve been looking at droughts as a problem to solve instead of looking at them as an obstacle to avoid. Would we have fewer cracks on the ground if we had fewer cracks in out drought-related policies? Watch our video to find out.

7. Income Tax: Stay tuned.

8. Improving Life: Stay tuned.

9. Dice: Poverty can be alleviated only if the poor are accurately identified. Watch our video on how India calculates its poor and how this impacts our poverty alleviation policies.

10. Luxury Tax: Stay tuned.

11. Mining: Stay tuned.

12. Railways: Stay tuned.

13. Collect Rs. 1000 Pension As You Pass: Stay tuned.

14. The Government’s Poverty Eradication Game: Does less poverty mean an uplifted population or more money in the bank? Take our quiz to identify how you look at it.

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