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WTD News Guide To The ‘Justice League’ Collection

Seeking justice outside the purview of the law can either make you a superhero or supervillain. Here’s the vigilante Justice League that we have in India, deciding which of these is a superhero and which is a supervillain is up to you.

The Saffriot

To remove anti from our nationals, to protect our country from foreign invaders, to save ourselves from notorious young love and to guide us down the “right” path, we introduce ‘The Saffriot’.


With social media, everyone can be a vigilante, whether it’s against a single Uber driver or it’s taking down an entire corporation, all you need is 280 characters. Here’s how it’s done.


In a genuinely well-oiled democracy, the state and religion would not overlap. But recently India has been overusing its blasphemy laws, affecting the justice system.


What’s the most enticing part about mob justice? It’s the strength in numbers. We explain why.


From the Babri Masjid demolition to Love Jihad and most recently Gau Rakshaks, vigilantism in India has evolved to what it is today. Read our article about these alterations.

‘That’ Signal

Certain factors like lack of state intervention and regressive social norms can bring out the vigilantes in all of us. Read our article about what motivates vigilantism.

The Media-tor

Sometimes the Indian media takes cases that are meant for the courts and holds the trials on television and in the newspapers, with news reporters as the defense and prosecution and the people as the jury. Here’s a complete anatomy of this parallel justice system.

Conta Twins

Vigilantism can be for the good, to get justice for the defenseless, or it can be very, very bad, demonizing innocent people. Take our quiz to see if you can tell the difference between the two.

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