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WTD News Guide To The ‘Healthcare Meme’ Collection


Expectations rarely match reality and this is especially true for India’s healthcare sector. What better way to break this down than to put it in an expectations meme.

1. What the world wants me to do: Stay tuned.

2. What people think I do: We’ve got a lot of plans to eradicate diseases in India, the latest is that India wants TB to be gone by 2025. But do we have the resources to manage this? Read our article to know.

3. What God wants me to do: Stay tuned.

4. What everyone wants me to do: Stay tuned.

5. What I actually do: Stay tuned.

6. What I think I do: Without a doubt, India has one big success story where healthcare and disease eradication is concerned. Read this to know exactly how they did it, a model that they should probably follow more often.

7. What I wish I could do: Changing up our current system would require a lot better management, more efficiency and tons of funding. Maybe we can look at privatization as an option?

8: What I should do: Our healthcare sector may not be meeting expectations yet, but with the help of some innovation and technology, we might just be able to get there sooner rather than later. Here are some examples.

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