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WTD News Guide To The ‘Good World Gone Bad’ Collection

Introduction: Think of climate change as an experiment gone completely wrong.

Method: We’ve been pumping way too much poison into the earth’s atmosphere since the industrial revolution without really thinking of the consequences.

Hypothesis: We’re possibly not going to survive until the end of the century.

Equation: World + 4° = Fire (Deadly Equation) – Climate change research is all about the numbers. Watch our video on the 5 most important numbers of climate change and stay for the article that gives you 5 more.


1. Timer (Over the years) – Go back in time all the way to the 1700s with our infographic to see how climate change may have started, how the human understanding of climate change evolved and how we intend to fight it.

2. Flame (CO2 – The Fuel) – Carbon is the main player on the climate change team. It’s the flame of the climate change fire. Read our article to see how it’s not only part of the problem but also significant in the solution.

3. Burner (Industrial Burner) – The industrial revolution was a big cause of climate change because that’s when we started using non-renewable resources of energy on a large scale. But have you ever wondered what our present would be if we had considered sustainability in the past?

4. Spilled Liquid (Uh oh, what have you done) – Hate to be the one to break this to you, but a lot of the mess that caused climate change has already been made. Find out what your contribution to this mess is by taking our carbon footprint quiz.

5. Textbook (Textbook Revision) – With every passing grade in school, we learned more about climate change. But can you outsmart a fifth grader when it comes to climate change trivia? Take our quiz to find out.

6. Microscope (Look Here) – To believe something you need to see it. Here are some hard-hitting documentaries that you must see if you’re one of the ‘climate change is just another made up story’ people.

7. Funnel (Carbon Sinks) – One solution for climate change is to create a carbon balance by trying to ‘sink’ some of the carbon that we emit. However, creating these sinks is going to be expensive in terms of money and population. Watch our video to understand why.

8. Toxic Cylinder (Terms to beware of) – We’ve listed down a bunch of ‘toxic’ climate change terms that you can use to sound smart in a conversation about climate change. Go forth to that dinner party with wisdom oh sheltered one.

9. Ice (The Naysayers) – Did you know that not everyone even believes that climate change is happening? Some people think it’s this made up thing that people have cooked up for commercial and political advantage. See for yourself.

10. Warning Light (4°) – Most of us have had our own run-ins with climate change, and that’s only after an increase of around 1°C. Can you imagine what will happen at 4°C? You don’t have to, just watch our video.

11. Delivery Tube (Displacement) – If things continue as they are, world geography is going to be very different from what it is today. Go through our slideshow to see the new maps of the world.

12. Spotlight (Fiction = Fact) – Want an insight into what our future looks like with climate change? Get your Netflix subscription ready because we have a list for you.

13. Saffron, White and Green Solutions (Climate Change + India) – Will the rest of the world is littered with climate change skeptics, Indians are surprisingly in touch with what’s happening with the earth. Our video detail how and why.

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