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WTD News Guide To The ‘Climate Change Toolbox’ Collection

Industrialization and sustainability should go hand in hand, but as soon as ‘sustainability’ is dropped from the equation, the experiment goes wrong.  That’s what happened to the earth (here’s our collection that explains this), and now we have to deal with consequences.

Here are all the tools we have at our disposal to get this job done.

Screwdriver: Read about 5 super ambitious projects from around the world that are trying to unscrew climate change and how we could benefit from applying them in India.

Saw: The world is split between how to fight climate change – on one side are all the developing nations and on the other are the developed ones. Both sides are right, but understanding the divide is important.

Spanner: We’ve released all this extra carbon, now we need to turn things back. Here’s how.

Stopwatch: Over time, the global community has met numerous times to try and fix this problem. Tracking these past attempts is key to understanding what we do in the future.

Measure Tape: Many corporations are using climate change to scale up their businesses, but instead of solving the problem, their greenwashing might be making things worse.

Glue: Once (if) the shit hits the fan, which is to say that climate change becomes irreversible; turning back the clock will be impossible. Then, we’ll just have to hold it together by acclimatizing.

Gloves: We’re going to need our gloves to paint everything white because apparently, that’s going to save the planet. Watch our video to understand how.

Parallel Scale: The best way to fight climate change is to stop using fossil fuels for energy. Here are some interesting alternate energy sources to replace them.

Nuts and Bolts: Just as basic as nuts and bolts, good waste management is the most basic yet effective thing we can do to fight global warming. Watch our video to see why this will work.

Hammer: The Kyoto Protocol outlined a great way to combat climate change, by hitting where it hurts most – money. Here’s an explainer.

Oil: During the 23rd Conference of Parties (COP23), the consensus among world leaders was that taxing fossil fuels and subsidizing renewable energy was the best way to change people’s behavior. Here’s how this works today.

Nails: The agricultural sector has nailed the solution for climate change – all that’s left is to start this revolution.

Drill: Here’s a slideshow of how celebrities are fighting climate change. Hope it helps drill in the idea that we’ve got to fight this.

Check out the entire ‘Climate Change Toolbox’ collection here.

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