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WTD News Guide To The ‘Bura Mat Dekho’ Collection

Here’s proof that suppression in India goes way beyond “see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil”

In An Emergency

All democratic functions seem to exist the second there is an emergency. Does that mean ‘emergency’ is synonymous with ‘suppression’? We think so.

In Danger

While other countries coin code names and provide witness protection, India makes it compulsory for people with sensitive information to identify themselves, putting them in grave danger. We think this is why it’s time for India to start protecting its sources.

In Court

If you’re ever trying to dig up any sensitive information, get ready to hear a lot of nos thanks to the Official Secrets Act. Watch our video to understand what it’s about.

In Film

Some filmmakers are constantly on the censor board’s shit list because of the sensitive topics they choose to cover in their films. Here’s who we think is on this shit list.


Public opinion on our foreign policy is split. Some people think we should be more outspoken and others think we should mind our own business. Here’s how this split actually affects our behavior when it comes to diplomacy.


The truth is out there, but it’s hidden under a ton of fluff and propaganda. Here are all the layers you have dog through to find it.

In The Long Run

Our Government is not very great at compartmentalizing, and this can be very dangerous for our democracy in the long run. We explain here.

In The News

Yes, the official stand of the government is to support free news media in the country, but with all the private and public players involved in running media houses, our free media might as well be ‘fee’ media. Take this quiz to see if you know the difference.

In Support Of

Censorship seems detrimental in a democracy, but sometimes its necessary. Read our article to understand why.

In Decency

If India keeps tucking sex education under the carpet, we’re going to have a situation at our hands in the future. Watch our video to get all the stats about India’s teen moms and STDs.


It’s not just the government that’s suppression free expression, media giants like Facebook are helping too. Here’s how.

In Fear

The fear of backlash is causing Indians to self-censor and our sense of humor is taking a beating as a result. Here’s the analysis.

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