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WTD News Guide To The ‘Behind The Screams’ Collection

India is no stranger to political conflicts, we see one erupting every few months if not more frequently. But do we know what causes them? If they happen by design or if they are completely random.

Here’s a behind the scenes look at political conflicts in India – from intention to action and reaction.

Producer: We’ve compiled a list of all the guys that make money off your misery.

Director: Very often politicians call the shots during political conflicts by all the speeches they make to incite violence. So, if you’re on the hunt for a speech-writer, here are a few tips.

‘Caste’ing Couch: In recent times, Dalits are increasingly becoming the subjects of internal conflicts. Here’s why they are open targets.

Separate Screens: We’ve identified that the reason separatist movements are almost never resolved is that there is a lack of proper representation at every stage of authority. Read more about it here.

Security: When militant activity in a state increased, security forces were brought in in the form of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, to contain the violence. But it is this Act actually breeding more violence. Here’s our video to explain it.

Props Section: Have you noticed that nothing props up a political party like a good political internal conflict? We investigate if that’s just a convenience or by design.

Water: Sometimes the hostages in conflicts are not people but the resources that people depend on, like water. And many times, this can be much worse.

Behind the Scenes: The media plays a big role in deciding which direction the conflict is going to take. Read this to understand how.

What Starts The Action: There can be a million things that could set off a conflict in India. But for now, here’s an infographic with 26 – from A-Z.

Odd One Out: Once you know everything about political conflicts in India, thanks to this collection, take this quiz to test yourself.

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