Adam & Eve WTD 101

WTD News Guide To The ‘Adam & Eve’ Collection

Outside the utopic garden of Eden, the relationship between Adam & Eve looks very different in every aspect of earthly life. In this collection, we’ve explored a few.

In Entertainment

The #MeToo movement was very revealing about how men and women interact with each other in Hollywood. But why was Bollywood so deathly silent? That’s exactly what we explore in our video.

In Legislation

49% of our population is women, yet only 11% of our legislators are from the fairer sex. Our video about this accepts no excuses.

In Families 

How we interact with and perceive the opposite sex has a lot to do with how we were raised. So, how would you raise your children? Take our quiz to find out.

In Courts

If more women participated in our justice system, we might have fewer crimes against women and a higher conviction rate for these crimes. Women already in the system explain why.

In The Workplace

Having a diverse workplace can speak volumes about the company you work for and your industry. And all signs points to the fact that changes are necessary everywhere. Read our article about this.

In Finance

Studies show that a large gender divide in new investment options can tell you if the option is safe or risky. Here’s how.

In Careers

We can tell if you’re a man or a woman just by asking you to pick between these 2 subjects. Check it out.

In Urban Planning

If a woman were to design an entire city, it would probably be the safest city for women in the world. Here’s why.

In Religion

From the Uniform Civil Code to entering the Sabarimala Temple and Haji Ali Durga. A gender bias in religion has far-reaching effects in a nation like ours.

In Business

Men earn more, have greater representation on boards and industries and make up more of the workforce than women. Here are all the factors that lead to this reality.

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