50 Shades Of Blue WTD 101

WTD News Guide To The ‘50 Shades Of Blue’ Collection

If a Pantone shade-card of all our water-related issues were real, you wouldn’t see beautiful blues and greens like ‘Scuba Blue’ and ‘Blue Radiance’. Instead you’d see colours like:

Best It Can Get Blue: A slideshow of meals tagged with the amount of water used to produce it! Now you can count calories and litres when you eat *eye roll*. 

B- Blue: 10 multiple-choice questions about water. That should be pretty simple right? We dare you to do better than a B-.

(Eco)System Down Green: Our wetlands have been knocked down thanks to urbanization and industrialization. Watch our video (and then read the article right below it!) to see what we can do to lift this ecosystem up.

Brackish Green: Can you even drink this? Here’s an infographic of what the water in your area is like, and the harm it’s doing to your body.

Industrial Grey: Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the thirstiest of them all? In this article, we prophecise how all the industries we depend on are going to suffer a hit, as water scarcity becomes increasingly real.

Shame On Us Brown: Knock Knock! Who’s there? An article on all the reasons for water contamination, that’s who.

Drought Brown: When the Bible isn’t prophesizing floods, it’s prophesizing deadly droughts. Much like the ones we’re seeing across the world today. Safe to say, the apocalypse is getting more real by the year.

Killing Us Softly: Indian lives are at stake because we haven’t upped our sanitation game. If interventions are so straightforward, why are people still trapped in cycles of poor health and poverty? Watch our video for more.

War Paint Black: Considering that water has become so dear, we think the next World War may be fought over water and we’ve got evidence that the build-up to this war may have already begun. Here it is.

Check out the entire ‘50 Shades Of Blue’ Collection here.

A big shoutout to WWF India and their research team for providing valuable technical inputs for WTD News’ ’50 Shades Of Blue’ Collection. WWF India does some great work for rivers, wetlands and water policy. Their efforts to conserve such critical regions can be found here AND they’re working to reduce India’s carbon footprint. If you love water and want to save it, keep up with these guys.

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