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What Indians Think About Climate Change

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The video provides an insight into what Indians think about climate change. Now, let’s take a look at the different reasons why Indians think the way they do:

1. Indians love nature:

The rural India, which is more close to nature as compared to the urban region, it is more vulnerable to climate change. Hence, the slightest change in weather patterns and temperature affects rural India first, be it in terms of droughts or floods. Climate change has a drastic impact on natural resources which in turn affects the food security and livelihood of people dependent on it.

2. The location of India is everything:

India is a large country with almost 3.29 million kilometers of area along with being surrounded by the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean. With climate change being so real for the country, the people living in the coastal areas are impacted by it the most. As per a report, at least 55 million people living in the Indian Coastal areas are at the fear of being affected by climate change.  The consequent impact of climate change includes rise in sea level, warmer ocean temperature and increased precipitation.

3. Contrary to popular belief, they’re actually very scientifically inclined:

Indians have always been inclined to science. And when it comes to fighting climate change, science does play an important role in it. For instance, Mumbai is one of the major cities highly affected by climate change as per a recent study. Scientists and planners are getting together across the cities to plan on making better models using science and technology to help predict floods, build better drainage systems. Surat is one of the first cities in India to prepare a strategy for creating such a system and is working towards implementing it.

4. Indians are quite curious and politically aware:

Indians are very curious by nature and curiosity has helped us with questioning the actions taken by everyone around us including the government. This keeps us politically informed and we tend to become a watchdog by keeping an eye on every action taken by the government.


Indians are also aware of the fact that they are one of the top 10 carbon emitters in the world, yet we are still struggling to combat things that could be helpful in combating climate change.

5. If it affects our pockets, it takes priority:

Yes, we care about money and combating climate change has a lot of money involved. The change in climate patterns and rising temperatures have led to the turbulent changes in wind pattern causing floods, droughts and dry spells. A financial backing is required to help relieve these situations which in turn reduces the national income to a large extent. With productive sectors like the agricultural sector being hit due to massive climate changes, there is a huge economic loss to face in the years to come

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