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Welcome To The (Dark) Jungle: We’ve Got Games, Recipes And Secrets

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We surf the internet for research, make purchases and play games daily. All this is done on what can be called as the safe or surface web. But there is something beyond. A darker side. It’s called the dark web and it’s not easy to access for a layman. As per reports, 96% of web content is found on the dark web. Basically, what we do on the Internet is just tip of the iceberg.

So let’s take a deep dive into the dark web to see if what lies within…

1. Bizarre Job Applications

On the web, we come across job applications like ‘looking for managers’, ‘hiring content writers’ or ‘accountants needed’. That’s normal. Well, the dark web is NOT like that, it’s pretty bizarre. There it’s more like ‘looking for a hitman’, ‘join the jihadists’ or ‘hiring thieves’.

There is an entire website called The Human Experiment. The website claims to have warehouses where they experiment on humans beings, experiments that are painful, disturbing and scary.

Don’t be shocked. Such things are quite common on the dark web. For criminals, terrorists and assassinators, the dark web is a safe haven and perfect alternative thanks to its exclusivity. Since the surface web possesses the threat of being traced, various terrorist organisations have shifted to the dark web for recruiting, spread propaganda and raise funds.

2. Cannibalistic Recipes 

Interested in looking at some DIY instruction manuals on how to buy human limbs or genitalia that would make great ingredients for Friday night dinner? Or would you like to become a meat donor yourself? The dark web has networks and forums that unite cannibals from around the world.

For instance, the infamous ‘Cannibal Cafe’ is a forum on the dark web that lets you do that. It’s banned by many governments around the world, but other similar sites still exist anonymously. Besides buying and selling, many people arrange meet-ups via the forum to eat each other (literally). There are also forums where people discuss “how a specific human part tasted like” or “which are the juiciest cuts”.


3. Lots of Shade

Drugs, weapons, fake documents, illegal pornography, sex doll, and almost everything fishy that would get you into some serious trouble OSW (On Surface Web – Yup, just made that up, it’s a thing now). In fact, the drug market on the dark web is getting bigger and bigger, especially after the fall of Silk Road (largest drug market online) in 2013.

But how does it all work?

A lot like how you place an order on any shopping website. But, the only currency accepted as payment is Bitcoin. So from something small like a 250 grams packet of European cannabis to something like AK-47 or rocket launchers, it’s all available on the dark web.

4. Horror Games

Ever heard of the indie game Sad Satan? It’s way more nefarious than it seems. It’s not exactly a game, there’s no monsters or fighting involved. Instead, you just walk through a pitch-dark maze, occasionally coming across creepy audio tapes of JFK and Hitler, and flashes of images of Margaret Thatcher and Jimmy Savile. Some have said that the horror of child abuse is the main inspiration for the game. There are theories that the references to pedophilia and audio clips of children screaming in the game are real. There are also threats in the game like “I can track you” or “Kill or get killed”.

5. Deep, Dark Secrets

The dark web also has a ‘lite’ version, it’s called the deep web and is just web content that’s hidden by a simple TOR (The Onion Router) browser. It’s used by people who need to protect their identity and communications from the state and private surveillance like whistleblowers, dissidents and journalists. Some universities and government agencies also maintain databases of information here. 

Not everything on the deep/dark web is malicious. One of the few “positive” things is it can be used by reporters to publish information anonymously. For example, if you have some solid theories on Trump’s secret plans but you’re afraid he might rage tweet about you, the deep web can come handy.

Moral of the story? Avoid going to the deep or dark web as much as you can, because once you’re in it, you’ll probably never be able to get rid of it.

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