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Under The Weather: As Told By Celebrities

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Celebrities around the world use their position and influence to champion causes that mean something to them. A lot of them have taken up fighting climate change, either by focusing on a particular way to do so, like water conservation, Arctic drilling, green commuting or clean energy or by raising awareness for climate change in totality.

Here are some note-worthy actions against climate change, as taken up by celebrities around the world.

One of the most natable contribution made by Mr. Bachchan was to make the pledge of green living with Global Cool and form and association between IIFA and Global Cool. Check out the climate change organisation here:
On the topic of making a Bollywood film on climate change, Abhishek Bachchan once said, "The challenge is to get a story that is compelling enough for Indian audiences to see. I know there are one or two films like ‘Day After Tomorrow’ that have been successful in the West and people came out thinking what if this actually happens tomorrow! If I make a film just talking about climate change, it would be boring to watch. The real challenge is to make a film that would be engrossing enough for the audiences to watch and to deal with the issues involved. If we come across something like that, I am on; I’ll sign on the dotted line any day!”
Rahul Bose has been very vocal about countries failing to unite to fight climate change on both national and international platforms. In one interview, he said, "Approximately 200 countries on the planet have talked about the need to do something collectively about climate change for the last 25 years, but have done nothing about it. 25 years later, melted glaciers later, vanished lakes later, thousands of forest fires later, the world's leaders are still squabbling about what should be done about climate change".
Bollywood Actor Nandita Das is a strong advocate for water literacy and conservation. She works closely with Greenpeace. In one interview with them, she applauded Russian activism against Arctic drilling. She said, "These men and women put their lives on the line to protect one of the last wildernesses on our planet. Even if India is far away, we will also be affected by climate change and the melting Arctic ice. I urge the Russian authorities to look at the intention behind the activists' protest and not label them as pirates unnecessarily. I hope these men and women receive justice soon.”
Ajay Devgn’s way of fighting climate change is to invest in renewable energy. His newest investment has been in the in a state-of-the-art solar park in Gujarat, located in Charanaka, Patan District in Gujarat. The project is a joint venture between the Mumbai-based Roha Group, Ajay and producer Kumar Mangat of 'Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji.
Gul Panag has used her influence in Bollywood and Indian politics to further the fight against climate change. She encourages increasing green cover as much as possible, has formulated ‘green home’, ways to make every household energy efficient and also heads the Gul4Change Foundation.
Icelandic musician Björk continually fights for environmental conservation in her home country, even taking on political leaders such as the country’s Prime Minister and Finance Minister. In one interview with Rolling Stone magazine, she describes how she believes her government thinks – “They think of every square kilometer as not harnessed, as an opportunity wasted. And they look at beautiful waterfalls and they think, 'Oh, there's a lot of dollars flowing there without being used’”.
Elon Musk has made a very profitable business of saving the planet. His company, SolarCity markets, manufactures and installs residential and commercial solar panels. His company Tesla specializes in electric automobiles, energy storage and efficiency. And in the case none of that works, his SpaceX is working on moving humans to Mars.
Arctic drilling for oil and petroleum is one of the biggest climate concerns today. It not only reinforces that human beings’ thirst for oil surpasses their concern for the planet but it also speeds up the melting process of the arctic ice. This is Emma Thompson’s top cause. She has strongly protested against Arctic drilling and can be spotted at rallies to stop the drilling often.
As a celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver is trying to save the planet from within his field. His cooking show is the 1st show that has zero carbon footprint. He also discourages the practice of discarding bycatch and advocates for chefs and restaurants to use bycatch. Bycatch is the unwanted fish caught while large-scale fishing, unwanted because they are the wrong species or gender.
Paul McCartney has put his weight behind a lot of climate change-related causes. He especially believes that reducing the consumption and trade of meat can save the earth. He supported the Meat Free Mondays Campaign in the UK, even narrating a short film about the cause.
The lyrics to Sting’s song ‘One Fine Day’ from his 2016 Album 57th & 9th sum up his thoughts on the planet perfectly – “Apologists say, The weather's just a cycle we can't change. Scientists say, We've pushed those cycles way beyond. Dear leaders, please do something quick, Time is up, the planet's sick...”
Pianist Ludovico Einaudi has worked with Greenpeace for years to promote environmental conservation. His most notable contribution was when he performed in the middle of the Arctic to raise awareness about the melting ice there. Watch the performance here -
Supermodel Gisele Bundchen has constantly been an advocate for clean living from waste management to food consumption and forest conservation. She was also involved in the National Geographic documentary ‘Years Of Living Dangerously’ where environmentalists and actors provide educated solutions for fighting climate change.
Leonardo Dicaprio is probably a celebrity who’s most known for his work in climate change. His National Geographic documentary ‘Before The Flood’ emphasized the need to fight to climate change NOW. He even spoke to the UN General Assembly to reiterate this message.
Mark Ruffalo is a loud voice in the protest against the withdrawal of the U.S. from the Paris Climate Agreement. Here are his thoughts on clean energy, water conservation and the politics of climate change.
Musician Pharrell Williams has on many occasions used his position as an influencer to talk about the environment. Since a large portion of his audience is made up of young people, he tries to invoke their support for his cause. He once said, “I don’t even know if the new generation needs a message. This new generation cares about others. They believe in sharing for the greater good. I think the world would be a different place if millennials and women would take positions of power. It would definitely be different”.
Chinese singer Lei Jia strongly advocates for having a green and low-carbon lifestyle. She even narrated a 2014 PSA themed “A Call for Low-Carbon Life.” She promotes green commuting and calls on people to pay attention to climate change.
Feng Shaofeng, an actor who is also the ambassador of a green commuting campaign, offered his support to adopting a low-carbon lifestyle in China at the Climate Conference in Durban. His message was that China "will maximize its efforts to fight climate change and shoulder due to responsibilities in line with its development stage”.
Chinese actor Li Bingbing recently worked with Shenzhen Development Bank to promote environmentally-friendly credit cards. She worked with Timberland Co. to unveil the “Green Great Wall” which aims to plant at least two million trees in Northern China. Li also worked with WWF on the “Vote Earth” campaign. She attended the climate conference to promote examples of environmental success in China and to participate in discussions on solutions to global environmental challenges.
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