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Visual Aid: Meet The Cookie Monsters!

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Think of this situation. You see some product on an online shopping site and then to your surprise, you see similar such products popping as ads while you browse on the internet. This can be called as online tracking. One of the most popular methods of online tracking is using ‘cookies’. When you visit a website, the site stores a cookie (information of your IP, ID, online activity) so that it can recognise your device in the future.

There are two types of cookies – fist party and third-party. First party cookies are harmless as they remain on your computer for a very short period. Third party cookies are the notorious ones that remain on your computer for a longer time; websites and social media apps use them to sell your information to advertisers. So that advertisers target you according to your preference

You may stop these cookies to safeguard your privacy. There three options available: deleting them, blocking them and controlling them. Deleting them from your PC on a regular basis may cause more irrelevant ads. Because whenever you see an ad a cookie gets stored on your computer so that you won’t see the same ad again, but after you delete it, you may end up seeing the same ad again and again. The best solution is to change your browser’s setting and block only third-party cookies.

At the end of the day, if you want to use the internet, not letting your browser pry is no option. You have to give some leeway.

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