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Visual Aid: Energy Subsidies Around The World

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Governments across the world are trying to move their incentives from fossil fuels like oil, natural gas and coal to renewable sources of energy like solar energy, wind and biomass. Many developed countries have been majorly successful in doing so, especially Germany and Japan. However, it is difficult for developing countries to totally convert to green energy because of the high costs involved. Regardless, a few countries like India and Brazil have shown a significant shift.

Eliminating fossil fuel subsidies is widely considered as the most effective way to make the world a better place, yet fossil fuel subsidies continue to outweigh renewable energy subsidies. Presently, fossil fuels are used so extensively in many industries because they are cheaper so they bring down the cost of production. And the only other way to prevent overuse of such fuels is the existing tight carbon credit system wherein excess emission of carbon compounds in taxed. But countries that have the money and want to cheat the system simply buy extra carbon credits from other nations and carry on with their pollution tasks.

Here is a map outlining the 20 nations which consume the most energy and which sources are subsidized heavily by their governments.

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