Violence At The Euro 2016: What’s Going On?

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Euro 2016, the biggest football tournament of the year kicked off from 10th June

The 2016 UEFA European Championship began with the opening match played between the hosts i.e. France and Romania. This years’ Euro is the largest of all with the participation from 24 European nations as against the 16-team format used since 1996.

Owing to the past terror attacks, France ensured that the tournament would flow smoothly

In the aftermath of November 2015 terror attacks in Paris, the host nation ensured tight security for the safety of the participants, audience and visitors. Arrangements were made for more than 90,000 security personnel across all 10 venues to make sure that the tournament took place peacefully.

Despite tight security, violence broke out in the England vs. Russia match

The championship witnessed several recorded instances of violence and hooliganism at the stadium. The football fest turned into a violent fight on the 2nd day of the tournament when Russian fans attacked English fans with hammers and iron bars following the match between their respective countries. Two Russian supporters were arrested for their part in the violence.

Misconduct by the fans further spoiled the spirit of the match

In the match against Czech Republic, Croatian hooligans lit flares in the stadium and threw them on the football field. The referee had to halt the match due to such hooliganism. Croatia faces additional charges over alleged “racist behaviour”.

Further, fans from Belgium, Hungary, Turkey and Portugal have also been charged for setting off fireworks, field invasion, object throwing and crowd disturbances in matches where their teams were playing.

The organisers have taken strict actions and threatened the countries with disqualification

UEFA, the organisers of the tournament, has imposed a fine of €150,000 on the Russian team along with the deportation of 50 Russian fans. Both Russia and England teams have been threatened with disqualification. Atleast 557 ‘violent supporters’ have been arrested so far for their violent behavior and causing unrest in the stadium. 

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