10 Times Entertainers Went HAM This U.S. Election

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Challenge you to say that this U.S. Presidential Election didn’t give the media a mountain of content to work with. Can’t do it? Thought as much.

WTD News lists out this seasons greatest hits:

1. John Oliver’s Donald Drumpf segment on Last Week Tonight:

This segment has crossed over 85 million world views, the highest ever for any piece of HBO content. It has John Oliver urging viewers to make ‘Donald Drumpf’ again, ‘Drumpf being his ancestral family name. He tickles people’s funny bones with his views on ‘Donald Drumpf.’

Watch the segment here. 

2. Trevor Noah’s Viral Rant segment on The Daily Show:

This rant by Trevor Noah has him ripping apart Donald Trump’s views on immigration, refugees and his constant line, “I will make America great again.”

Watch the segment here.

4. Laura Benanti as ‘Melania Trump’ on The Late Show with Steven Colbert:

Laura Benanti does an hilarious imitation of Melania Trump’s defensive comments on her husband’s lewd views about women.

Watch her impression here.

5. Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon on Saturday Night Live:

Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump and Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton recreated the Presidential debates on the variety show, Saturday Night Live. Through their parody, they make their final appeals to America ahead of the elections by mocking each other while another cast-member plays a CNN reporter who tries to moderate the event.

They dropped their act of the two presidential candidates as they returned to the studio and said, “On Tuesday, we will get to choose the kind of country we want to live in.”

Watch their great impressions here.

5. Seth Meyer’s ‘A Closer Look’:

Seth Meyer takes a closer look at the Grand Old Party’s (Republican Party) plans for a Clinton Presidency.

Watch his segment here.

6. Save the Day – Vote

A video which attempts to send an important message to the Americans through America’s biggest celebrities. The celebrities (especially Mark Ruffalo) put everything on the line to convince American to make the right choice this November 8th.

Watch the video here.

7. Larry Wilmore’s ‘The Nightly Show’:

In this segment titled, ‘Backlash 2016- The Unblackening- Trump Dump’ dating back to August 2016, Larry talks about the awful time Trump’s presidential campaign was having back then on his campaign trail thanks to his ignorant comments.

Watch the segment here.

8. Real Time with Bill Maher – Bible TrumpersThe Notorious HRC

In ‘Bible Trumpers’, Bill Maher ‘thanks’ Trump for exposing evangelical Christians and talks of how for the first time, the Presidential candidates did not ‘Out-Jesus’ each other.

Watch the Trump segment here.

In ‘The Notorious HRC’, Bill advises Hillary Clinton to graciously accept the evil, cartoon version, the opposition accuses her of being.

Watch the segment on Hillary Clinton here.

9. The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon’s ‘telephone interviews’ 

In this episode titled, ‘Trump Interviews Himself’, Jimmy Fallon as Trump interviews Donald Trump making it seem like Trump is talking to his reflection.

In, ‘Trump’s phone call with Hillary Clinton’, Jimmy Fallon as Trump interviews Hillary Clinton in an amusing manner.

Watch these segment here and here.

10. The Late Late Show with James Corden 

In this episode, ‘We’re Still Talking About Emails’, James Corden looks into the latest headlines including more news about Hillary’s Clinton’s email scandal.

Watch the segment here.

Are any of your favourites missing?

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