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Earlier this year young comedian like Tanmay Bhatt faced a lot of flak for his insensitivity towards Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar in one of his Snapchat jokes. While incidents like these catch people’s attention, other commendable talks by the comedians on topics like racism, sexism, and nationalism fail to catch the eyeballs. 

Here’s a list of comedians who stood a strong ground in their own humorous ways on some very stinging and burning topics.

EIC Outrage: Why tell the news when you can sell the news

In March this year, EIC came up with an hour-long sketch called ‘Freedom to Disagree.’ They talked at length about news channels acting as TRP’s pet and that questioning authority has become life-threatening. The entire sketch was in a sing-a-song tone that ended on a very questioning note asking why even as citizens of a democracy we are being threatened if we ask questions or disagree with an established notion. They even mentioned that news channels are corporate hypocrites and could sell their contents to brands that sponsor them. 

Kunal KamraStupidity in the name of patriotism

He did a stand-up on patriotism and government after which he started getting death threats by the Bhakts for speaking against the government. He sarcastically gives away that in India patriotism and logic have become 2 parallel concepts that are difficult to meet. Any question to the government is like questioning patriotism.

Apart from his stand-ups, Kunal also has come up with a humorous chat show called ‘Shut Up Ya Kunal.’ The three episodes released in the series are a pick on how the incumbent government is running the country.

Daniel Fernandes: Rape threats made to women every time they take a stand

Immediately after the Gurmehar Kaur incident in DU, Fernandes did a stand-up on rape threats showering on women simply because they chose to opine. He talked about how the rape culture is deeply rooted in our country and rape is the easiest way to demoralize a woman who wants to break-free her shackles. He explicitly commented about women being accused of playing the victim/ women card if they practice their freedom of expression against a man in power. In a very subtle way, he even mentioned that since Modi has a prime influence on Indian citizens he should probably address the women rape threat issues too.

Aditi MittalLet’s talk about breasts

We know her as a very bold female comedian and time and again she has proved this to be right. For the breast cancer awareness month event, she talked about how bra shopping could be really embarrassing for women and how women more than often end up wearing the wrong size bra to save the humiliation. Although, she didn’t mention studies have shown that wearing wrong size bras that are uncomfortable can also be a reason for breast cancer. However, she did mention that since it’s the breast cancer awareness month it’s important to talk about breasts and bras.

Varun Thakur– Why shying away from condoms is a problem

We are quite aware of the Indian healthcare and our trust in a pharmacist. Varun Thakur compared India to other nations and slyly came to a point where he establishes that while in other countries we give prescriptions to the pharmacists, in India, ironically, the pharmacists give us the prescriptions. His elaboration on pharmacists included condoms and the taboos related to it. He recommended condoms as a good way of population control and instead of shying away from even mentioning the word ‘condom’ we should be open to buying it in public, in broad daylight and without any humiliation.

Vir DasIs racism a gift from British

As Indians, we have all claimed to be victims of racism at least once in our life but all of us back home are racists and that is what Vir Das talks about in his Netflix sketch, A Broad Understanding. In an hour-long act, among other important things, he talked about how everyone is inevitably different.

 Be it in terms of race, class or color and only by acknowledging these differences and by accepting it we can bridge gaps in this world. For instance, our country, which is obsessed with fair skin girls, forces girls from a very young age to use fairness creams. The ads survive on false promises like 2 shades fairer skin tone in a week and Fair & Lovely goes to the extent of betting who’s fairer in their ads. He also pointed out that maybe the British Raj inferior treatment towards the ‘brown Indians’ imposing their white superiority, is probably the deep root cause of racism in our culture.

Aadar Malik: Parents talking to kids about sexual orientation

It’s a comical rap about a conversation between a father and a son about homosexuality. Malik summarises the conversation about sexuality pointing out that parents can and should talk to kids about different sexual orientation. He also brings in to the limelight that in India, homophobia is a big trouble and has led to extremely unconstitutional acts like breaching bedroom privacy of gay couples. The rap ends on a note pleading to unify and accept homosexuals as one of us and to not divide it in them versus us.

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