A Quick Guide: Salman Khan’s Hit-And-Run Case

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On 28th September 2002, Salman Khan allegedly crashed his car into a pavement, killing 1 person

The Bollywood actor was driving a white Toyota Land Cruiser under the influence of alcohol, when he broke into the pavement near American Express Bakery at Hill Road,  Bandra. This incident claimed the life of 1 person and while injuring 4 others. He was arrested and later released on bail.

The case moved from 1 court to the other causing delays for the judgement to be delivered

Salman Khan challenged the charge of culpable homicide amounting to murder, but this was rejected by Sessions Court. Khan then moved the Bombay High Court (HC), who ruled in his favour. Challenging HC’s ruling, the Maharashtra Government turned to Supreme Court (SC), who in turn transferred the case to a magistrate court. The Magistrate Court sent the case back to a Sessions Court but framed the charges under culpable homicide not amounting to murder. 

In 2015, Khan was found guilty by the Session’s Court but was later acquitted by the Bombay HC

On 6 May 2015, the Sessions Court sentenced Khan to 5 years in jail after convicting him for culpable homicide not amounting to murder, among others. However, the Bombay HC granted Khan a 2-day bail, during which the court suspended his prison sentence until the final appeal hearing in July 2015. The court hearing which began in July concluded in December 2015, wherein the Bombay HC acquitted Khan of all the charges citing the failure of prosecution in proving said charges against him.

However, the Maharashtra Government challenged this acquittal in 2016 and the Supreme Court admitted the plea

In a major setback to the actor, the SC admitted the appeal by Maharashtra Government challenging the Bombay HC’s verdict acquitting the Bollywood star. But the apex court downed the Maharashtra Government’s urge to put the hearing on fast track.

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