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How Real Is The Drought Apocalypse?

It seems that the part about the apocalypse in the Holy Bible may actually be true, especially the ones related to water!

Don’t believe us? Check this out:

Water Pollution: Water pollution in India is at an all time high thanks to overpopulation, fertilizer overuse and urbanization. Industrialisation (especially the mining industry!) contributes to this problem too because that leads to climate change which is totally screwing with our water table.

Undrinkable Water: Because our water inevitably leads to diseases, our economy loses roughly Rs. 2.4 lakh crore every year!

Heat Waves: Welcome summer, welcome heat-strokes, dehydration and air-pollution. What’s worse is that temperatures are going to continue to rise and things are only going to get worse. Thanks, climate change.

Drought: When it comes to a drought, 100% of the blame can’t be on natural forces. The onus is on us too. Rainwater harvesting and better irrigation could definitely lessen the impact of drought on a large scale.

We need to change our lifestyle, and our laws, to make drought a thing of the past.

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