Pokemon Go: Gotta Know It All

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From being the most searched item on Google to quickly populating your social media news feed, Pokemon Go is virtually everywhere.  Pokemon Go is a mobile game developed by Niantic and is based on the TV cartoon Pokemon, which was started in 1997.

Pokemon Go, since its launch, has become a global sensation.  

Pokemon Go uses your GPS location and clock to allow you to catch Pokemon in an augmented reality. It requires you to walk around, looking for and catching Pokemon characters in the real world. It has become a worldwide sensation ever since its release and is making headlines for all kinds of reasons. After being launched in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand on 6th July 2016 the game swiftly took over the world soon after. 

The game may help you mentally but can injure you physically.

So Beware!

The game has had some positive and negative impacts on mental health and social behaviour. Pokemon Go has been successful in improving the mental condition by keeping depression and social anxiety at bay as it encourages people to go out and interact with others.  

However, all the loitering caused by the game has led to some serious problems – causing inconvenience and accidents in public places like parks, railway stations, roads and museums.

From catching criminals to growing businesses, Pokemon Go has hit different spheres of the society

Several players have stumbled onto dead bodies while playing the game, leading the police to open investigations in many new criminal cases. The game has improved the business sector because restaurants, cafes, national parks and museums have seen a massive increase in visitors as these places are tagged as Pokestops (place where you catch Pokemon) and Pokegyms (place where you battle with other players).

Nintendo stocks are shooting high

The success of the game has led to continued profit for Nintendo, the parent company of Pokemon Company. The game has led to massive profits for Nintendo who owns Pokemon Company, the company which launched the Pokemon cartoon. Since the launch of the game, the stocks jumped by 70% boosting its market value from £13bn to £19.6 bn.

Pokemon Go has changed the way games may look in the near future

The launch of the game has taken mobile gaming to a different level as it involves more than just physical participation in the game. It has said to have sparked an evolution in the gaming world and has been successful in giving a virtual touch to the real life.

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