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What Not To Wear: Sanskari Edition

Constitutionally, India’s a pretty chill place to live. Everyone is guaranteed equality and freedom. But in reality, equality and freedom are relative to who you are. The Patriarchy in India loves to tell women where to go, what to do and how to do it. With the increase in the number of sexual assault cases in the country, they now also like to tell Indian women what not to wear.
In February 2017, a video of a sermon in Kerala went viral when the priest said that he feels like throwing women out of the church for the clothes they were wearing. He said that women wearing indecent clothes (which he classified as jeans, pants, shirts, t-shirts and ‘banians’ a.k.a. tank tops) were trying to tempt men and were doing the work of Satan.
Chiranjeet Chaktaborthy, an MLA for the All India Trinamool Congress, said that one of the reasons behind the increase in incidents of eve-teasing is the short dresses and skirts worn by women.
In 2016, Union Cultural Minister Mahesh Sharma advised foreign women tourists not to wear skirts and other skimpy clothes "for their own safety". Not only does this make India look like a pit of hungry rapist but also puts the onus of foreigners being victims of rape on tourists rather than on the men committing these crimes.
According to RSS Supremo, Mohan Bhagwat, “Rapes take place in cities and not in villages. Such incidents happen due to an influence of Western culture and women wearing fewer clothes”. Gee, guess there are no rapes in the Western world by that logic.
According to BJP leader Babulal Gaur from Madhya Pradesh, the rate of crimes against women depends on how completely dressed they are and how regularly they visit temples. Apparently the reason for fewer rapes in Chennai is because women there are always completely clad and visit temples regularly. Cue the slow clap.
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