All You Need To Know About The Sunanda Pushkar Case

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 Who was Sunanda Pushkar?

Sunanda Pushkar, was an Indo-Canadian businesswoman and the co-owner of the Rendezvous Sports World  that owned the IPL team Kochi Tuskers. In 2010, she married Indian politician and diplomat, Shashi Tharoor. She was found dead in her hotel room at Leela Palace, New Delhi where she and her husband were staying as their house was undergoing renovation.

The cause of her death is still shrouded in mystery

Sunanda Pushkar was found dead by her husband, Shashi Tharoor who had returned from an all-day congress event. While she was diagnosed with  Lupus erythematosus (a disorder in which the human immune system attacks and damages healthy tissues) a few weeks earlier, experts say that it was unlikely for being the cause of her death. The strips of anxiety pills found on her bed have also led police to consider an overdose or suicide to be a possible cause. An All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) doctor initially heading the panel to conduct Pushkar’s post-mortem claims he was pressurized to manipulate the autopsy report. While the autopsy report revealed injury marks and bruises on the body, the report was uncertain whether it was the cause of her death.

Controversies she was involved in adds fuel to her death plot

2 days before her death, Pushkar had a twitter spat with the Pakistani journalist Mehar Tarar. She had posted a series of intimate messages sent by Mehar to her husband’s twitter account. The messages proclaimed Mehar’s love towards Tharoor. Pushkar went on to say that Mehar was stalking her husband and that she was an ISI agent. Mehar denied all the allegations stating that her Blackberry account had been hacked. She even claimed that she had taken upon herself  Tharoor’s crimes during IPL. During the investigation, 2 hotel attendants reported that Tharoor and Pushkar had a fight the day before her death.

The investigation has spanned 3 years  with several people being probed

The police probed suspects including Pushkar’s husband, Shashi Tharoor, Nalini Singh, journalist and Pushkar’s close friend and Mehar Tarar, the Pakistani journalist. 6 people were put under a lie-detector test including  Narain Singh, the domestic help, Bajrangi, the driver and Sanjay Dewan, a family friend.

Even then, the investigation has been inconclusive 

After the autopsy report stated that it was an unnatural death, the police suspected foul play and concluded that it was a case of murder.But as the medical board was inconclusive, the Delhi police sent the medical samples to the FBI lab in Washington. In the initial report, the FBI stated the possibility of death by poisoning with help of a radioactive substance but also concluded that the radiation was in permissible levels and was not the cause of her death. Recently, FBI returned with more analytical data. In the imminent meeting with the wider medical board, the Special Investigation Team constituted to unravel this death mystery, will put forth this data. Once the cause of death has been ascertained, the investigation will proceed as to whether it was a murder, suicide or an accidental death.


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