All You Need To Know About The Sunanda Pushkar Case

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Sunanda Pushkar was found dead in a hotel room

Her husband, Shashi Tharoor found her lying dead in the room when he returned from work. A strip of sleeping pills was found on her pillow, indicating a probable cause of death.

The post-mortem report revealed death by poisoning

Preliminary reports suggest that Pushkar’s death was due to poisoning as traces of Alzolam were found in her body. The report also revealed injury marks and bruises on the body, but it was uncertain whether they were the cause of her death.

But the doctors in charge were being threatened

An AIIMS doctor initially heading the panel for Pushkar’s post-mortem claims he was pressurized to manipulate the autopsy report. As the report stated that it was an unnatural death, the police suspected foul play and concluded that it was a case of murder.

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Six people were probed under investigations

Shashi Tharoor, Pushkar’s close friend – Nalini Singh,  the domestic help – Bajrangi, a family friend – Sanjay Dewan,  and the driver were put under a lie-detector test. Pakistani journalist – Mehar Tarar, who allegedly had an affair with Tharoor was also interrogated. Tharoor’s tweets acknowledging his affair and the twitter spat between Tarar and Pushkar raised a number of eyebrows over the issue.

3 years on, medical reports are still inconclusive 

The Delhi police sent the medical samples to the FBI lab in Washington. In the initial report, the FBI stated the possibility of death by poisoning with help of a radioactive substance but later concluded that the radiation was in permissible levels and was not the cause of her death.

Finally, in 2018, Tharoor’s been charged with her murder

He will be charged under Section 306 of IPC – abutment of suicide, and Section 201- destruction of evidence. The Delhi Police submitted its final investigation report into the Sunanda Pushkar death case to the Patiala House Court on 18th May. It has found Tharoor guilty of his wife’s murder and liable to at least a 10year imprisonment. The charge sheet cited, as evidence, Tharoor’s maid’s statement, bruises on Pushkar’s dead body and a letter from her to her husband saying, “I do not care about the tests. I have no will to live. All I pray for is death.”

Tharoor, in his defence, published a statement on Twitter regarding the case. He has been summoned by the Delhi court on 7th July.


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