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If These Movies And TV Shows Are Any Indication, We. Are. Screwed.


You know how they say some movies have subliminal messages? Well, we’ve discovered movies with some subliminal and not so subliminal climate change messages. Trust us when we say, it’s not good news. We aren’t sure which one we’re closer to: a barren dessert, an ice age or a water apocalypse. Even movie makers have started giving us warnings on what we do to our world. Do you think it’s time we take the hint and start doing our bit?

Here are a bunch of movies and television shows that have a hidden message that we probably did not catch:

1. Game of Thrones:

Everyone knows Game of Thrones for its monumental plotlines and gripping story arc. What if we told you the fantasy series has more to tell?

In the series, summer spans decades, winters can last a lifetime. Meanwhile, in the real world, heat waves are longer and so are winters. Take the infamous teaser “Winter is coming”- a clear warning to stay prepared. Back in our world, solar researchers have warned us of low solar activities within 15 years bringing on a probable mini ice age or a larger apocalyptic winter around Europe and North America. Seeing any ‘stark’ similarities?

But Game of Thrones is hugely about the merciless political battles between the seven kingdoms while the world around moves closer to dooms day.  What do you think is going to happen to our seven continents if half the world is covered in snow and the other half burning under the heat? Battle for resources and the extreme effects of this on the poor doesn’t really seem like fantasy anymore, does it? Would there be a winner if a Games of Thrones were to be played in the real world?

2. Interstellar:

Although the movie largely plays out to be about space, let’s go back to why it turned into a space expedition in the first place. The movie tells a deeper story with the possible consequence of climate change- Crop failure or extinction. It talks about a rise in a microorganism (Blight) that thrives on Nitrogen (78% of nitrogen for blights vs 21% of oxygen for humans) that has destroyed crops all around the world (Except corn and Okra). This leaves humans with a depleting amount of oxygen and increasing carbon emissions pushing them close to extinction.

Is it us or can you see how scarily close we’re to this in real life?

With rise in temperature, crop failures are becoming scarily common around the world. If this continues, we might get to the point where regional wars for resources will become the norm (3rd world war over food and water? Yikes!). We can’t help but notice how fast we’re moving towards the movie ending, with our rampant consumerism and rapid growth in population which are cited as reasons for human extinction. Let’s hope that there’s no superbug that destroys our crops for now and if there is, do you think it’s time we look for a new planet as well?

3. Snow Piercer:

To tell you the truth, our researchers seem to be in a haste to stop or slow down global warming. Climate engineering companies (involved in large scale intervention in the earth’s climatic system with the aim of limiting global warming) are becoming increasingly common. Should we be a little worried?

The 2013 movie, Snow piercer, talks about a failure in a Geo-engineering project that propels the entire world towards extinction leaving a few to board a train that rotates the globe. Let’s hope we’re more careful than those in the movie. So, we don’t end up on a long winding train for survival.

But what if we do?

What’s even scarier is the hierarchy in human classification in the movie. It goes on to show how the real-world classification of people based on their caste and economic status just grows multi-fold when it comes down to fighting for survival. This causes a battle between the rich and poor for control of the ship, essentially destroying the ship and most of them inside. Researchers have confirmed that the unequal effects of global warming will affect the poorer sections the most.

4. Mad Max: Fury Road:

Mad max

Consider expanding arid, waste lands, droughts. Sounds like everyday news? It’s the present world we live in and if we go anymore in the same direction we’re probably going to play out scenes from the Mad Max movies.

The movie shows how people learn to survive in a post-apocalyptic world that is dry of most resources. At present, the crop production is mainly dependent on monsoon, a slight increase in temperature by 0.5°C has led to losses in crop production by 40%. At this rate, the war for resources between Immortal Joe and the War Boys, is easily imaginable in the real world in a few more years. In the movie, water and other resources are held captive by the powerful and the slaves have excess to these resources only when the ruler pleases. While consumerism still rules our world, will climate change take it to the stage shown in the movie?

5. Water World:

Imagine an earth covered in 100% water, and yet not even one drop that is drinkable. As a result of polar ice caps melting, water has covered every continent on the planet. Years later, the survivors live in the hope of finding a mythical dry land. Scary?

Terrifying when you think how close we are to that.

Scientists have been warning us of ice caps melting since global warming was discovered. As they had predicted then, temperatures and sea levels have risen, so much so that, a further increase of 2°C might turn our planet into a water world as shown in the movie. Are you rethinking all your carbon emissions and footprints? Because we definitely are!

These movies are a mere indication to what might happen. We are on the verge of something bad, but not all’s lost. (Hallelujah!). Before we blame governments for their inactivity, let’s start with ourselves. If every citizen decides to move towards a sustainable way of life, there might just be a way to protect our planet.

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