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Meet The Climate Change Naysayers


Time and again we listen to contrary arguments about climate change being denied by a few skeptics. To put it diplomatically, there are two school of thoughts behind climate change, while one says that climate change has escalated due to human carelessness, the other wing says that it’s the natural factors. Clearly, those who deny human intervention in climate change escalation have a lot of placebo factors as the cause for global warming.

Here are the most common arguments we hear from the climate skeptics:

1. Climate change is natural:

There are way too many deniers that believe climate change is a natural phenomenon caused only due to factors like tilting of earth’s orbit and increasing intensity of the sun. They clearly do not want to admit that limitless carbon emission from factories and vehicles, among others, are speeding up the process of warming the world. The deniers refuse to refer to long term documented statistics that scream global warming and climate change is real.

 2. CO2  is just a minor contributor to climate change:

Greenhouse gases core components are Carbon Dioxide, Methane, water vapour and Nitrous Oxide in which CO2 consists of more than 70% of it. These gases and CO2 specially plays an important role in trapping the heat from sun and warms the Earth. The deniers constantly say that there are no proofs that it is the increased combustion of coal or other forms of excessive release of carbon dioxide that’s increasing the CO2 in the environment.

Whereas, graphs continue to portray an upward trend with an increased correlation between the temperature rise over the last century and increase in the carbon dioxide and monoxide concentrations in the lower strata of the atmosphere. The deniers conveniently assume that excessive CO2 cannot be a major influencing factor.

 3. The Antarctic ice shelf got thicker:

Another seemingly direct effect of global warming is the melting of ice bergs from the arctic and Antarctic landmasses. And yet again it is ignored by the naysayers stating that the Antarctic ice shelf actually got thicker in some regions over the last few decades as measured by Radiocarbon dating. Unfortunately, though, it does not make a strong case for the deniers to counter facts like the Ross shelf (largest ice shelf of Antarctica), Greenland and so many other huge expanses of ice have simply disappeared in as little a time span of 10 years. It’s almost comical that the naysayers are attempting to argue a change this visible with something as silly as an increase in thickness in the crudest of ways.

 4. Cherry picking data:

One of the methods that opponents to climate change use at their disposal involves cherry picking data timelines to suit their arguments. For example while a 100 year graph between timeline and temperature might show a trend of rising temperature with the net change of almost an entire degree Celsius which is huge, the opponents would prefer showing only a 20-30 year graph with more downward trends in order to convince the average population that maybe the effect of climate change is not really that harsh and we shouldn’t really care a lot about temperature changes if it’s not more than a degree.

 5. It’s impossible to predict climate change:

And the final statement comes off a bit more altruistic in nature, with a seemingly well phrased question posed – “we cannot predict the weather for more than a few days, how can one predict about changes in climate? “ While this question indeed has a little merit to it, the query fails to grasp the true nature of any study warning of climate change. The predictions based on climate data acquired over millions of years show an increasing risk percentage to the earth.

Scientists who are for climate change definitely, do not want to wreak havoc by labeling their theory of global warming as the end of the world. However, they most certainly have provided us with enough evidence as to why humans can’t afford to be on their reckless side anymore. We have to be more careful in order to survive the millennium.

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