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From Leather Shoes To Matte Lipsticks: It All Comes From ‘Animalia’

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Your wardrobe is adorned with a beautiful fur coat, Italian leather shoes or luxurious bag – all comes at a cost, a HUGE cost! And we’re talking about the price paid by animals to satisfy our elite lifestyle. Millions of animals are exploited, tortured and killed each year for cosmetic testing, their fur, bones, skin etc.

Disclaimer: The brand mentioned here ‘Animalia’ is completely fictional and we’re using it to bring to light the pain and suffering of animals, which is anything but fictional. 

Name of the brand: Animalia
Tagline: Beauty only with cruelty
Type: Beauty, luxury and fashion

Our entire cosmetic collection – from nail paints to fairness cream and from shampoo to moisturizer – can be used without any worry, as they all are first tested on animals. We make sure animals (particularly rabbits) bare all the pain, suffering and irritation before the product reaches you.

Let’s start with our best selling products –nail paints and lipsticks. To get your lips and skin a shimmery look we use something called as ‘guanine’ – derived from fish scales. We like to call it ‘pearl essence’. Similarly, to produce the most grease free skin creams and to help you get a flawless glow, we kill approximately 3 million sharks annually for their Squalene, a natural compound found in their livers. It’s as simple as catching them, then they are de-livered and throwing them back into the sea to die. We also use turtle and fish oil in soaps, creams, lip balms, sunscreens etc. If you are a fan of red matt, then this is the brand for you. The rich red dye comes from carmine, which is the red pigment derived by crushing thousands of beetles (female cochineal insect).  Again, for this as well, we choose to replace it with a better sounding ingredient called ‘Natural Red 4’. This lipstick was used by popular singer, Sia.

To give your hair a shine, our shampoos use ‘keratin’.This is a protein which comes from horns, nails and claws of endangered species like rhinos.

On an average, our luxury bags cost $50,000. This high price comes at the cost of 2-3 alligators. Not just alligators, animals like crocodiles, cows, ostrich, lizards etc. are other skins we like to use. These exotic skins are supplied to our factories mainly from farms in Vietnam and South Africa. That luxury bag, belt and watch strap, which you hold with pride is the outcome of live skinning, electric shocks and stabbing knife till they finally die. Our most expensive bag yet, made of crocodile skin, bright pink was sold for $212,000 – claimed to be the most expensive in the world. From the Kardashians to Lady Gaga, we have fans from all across the globe.

Everyone loves smelling good, right? Animals like civet cats, sharks, deer, beavers etc. are the main ingredients of our perfumes and fragrances. Forced secretions and oil extractions are few methods we use to produce perfumes. Our customers love our musk perfumes the most! This fan following comes after 15 years of torture of civet cats, killed for their rich smelling secretion from the glands – ‘Civet’. These cats are brutally whipped so that they secrete civet (it secretes when it’s in pain).  While these cats are tortured, Himalayan musk deer are killed for their ‘Musk’Most perfumes and fragrance contain real musk derived after killing the deer. Our fragrances contain ‘Ambergris’ as well, which is the most valuable raw material in perfumery. While this substance is a natural waste product from sperm whales, we choose to obtain it faster by killing them and extracting it from their intestines.

From fur-trimmed jackets to feather hair extension – we have it all. Annually, millions of dogs, foxes, rabbits, ducks, goose etc. are trapped in China and exported worldwide to make these stunning fur jackets. From being the preferred choice of designers to being the main exhibitor in fashion weeks, our winter collection is pretty popular. A single coat takes the lives of at least 15 animals including dogs, rabbits, mink, fox, seal, squirrel etc. To provide the most premium and best quality of fur, we make sure to take all precautions. To limit any damage to fur, all animals are electrocuted annually and genitally. Further, to get the unique colour, pattern and textured fur coats we make use of Karakul lamb fur and skin. It comes from a baby lamb which is either killed in the womb or within 1-2 days of its birth.

Love Queen Elizabeth’s hats? Well, those adorable hats are made from the skin of baby seals and black bears in Canada, where they are shot and left to die. Or furry Karakul hats anyone? To ensure the hat is soft and smooth, a pregnant sheep is hit at least hundred times with an iron rod to induce premature death. The lamb is then skinned alive to ensure the fur is soft.
Who doesn’t like jewelry made from feathers, camel bones, tortoise and snail shells etc. Our products – hats, earrings, hair extensions – are made of real feathers which are plucked from roosters and ostriches. If feathers are not your thing, you can opt for camel bones, ivory bangles from animals, like elephants, sea snails and tortoise.

So, this is the sad reality behind of the fashion and luxury industry. Almost all products mentioned above although cannot be eliminated completely, but can easily be replaced with many alternatives available. For instance, a number of luxury brands, cosmetics and beauty products are opting against animal testing and are even going fur-free. India, among a few other nations, has banned production and imports of animal-tested cosmetics.

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