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How India’s Stupidity Is Costing Us Our Health

Poor health and poverty are inseparably linked. It keeps lakhs of people from going to work and school, trapping them in their disadvantaged position.

At the risk of sounding like an ad, clean water can change your life!

It would help already poor people from having to spend on expensive doctors and medicine.

It would prevent families from having to sell their gold when they face cash crunches at home.

It would give women – the typical caretakers of sick people at home – time and flexibility to study and work!

What makes this situation even more catastrophic is that the most vulnerable are children and young adults, who have so much economic potential. In countries that are most sick – developing countries in Asia and Africa – economic growth is slow. This is not a coincidence. 

The solution to a lot of these problems seems straightforward enough, but the government lacks the problem-solving intention. Looks like this stupidity is costing India a lot of human lives AND a lot of money.

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