Is India Prepared For The Super Cool Industries Of The Future?

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It is rightly said that the 21st century is the century of technology.With India being considered to one of the emerging global powers let us look at how prepared India is for the industries of tomorrow.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is already here in some capacity, look at Siri, Google Assistant or Cortana and it is expected to grow much larger in the near future.  In India, The Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, has only got to developing the Network Traffic Analysis Software (NETRA) which intercepts and analyses the internet traffic via specified filters. Currently, this is used by RAW, state-level law enforcement agencies and is directed by the Ministry of Home Affairs. With independent bodies working towards creating machinery underlying the thought of intelligent behaviour (This could be used for hard labour like manual scavenging or infrastructure building) this industry is growing fast. But there are still no defined laws or regulations that govern the field of AI in India. Its time we start constituting a body to regulate all the issues that may come up with AI in terms of reasoning, decision making, communication in different languages and accuracy.  

 Online Education:

With increasing penetration of the Internet and problems in infrastructure building for education, the growth of the online education market in India is certain. But the online education programmes are susceptible to fraud universities and cheating by students enrolled. Moreover, online courses are not recognised by Indian companies either. In order to solve this problem University Grants Commission (UGC) remains the regulator of Online and distance learning for higher education (online courses offered by Indian universities) in India. Recently, the UGC came up with minimum standards for an online student to obtain a degree and ordered for all examinations for online programmes to be conducted within the institution where the learner support centres are located. This is one industry, India might be prepared for. 

Self-Driving Cars:

With US companies like Tesla already selling Self-driving cars and a self-driving taxi service tested out in Singapore, these cars are set to revolutionalize the transport industries world wide. While international experts think India is a great market for this, the truth is Indian roads are ill-equipped for self-driving cars to be introduced. And there is also the issue of who to blame if accidents occur. But even if they are introduced, this might threaten jobs of millions in the transport Industry. Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari  seems to think so too when he said he would ban driverless cars in India. So, with even the market for self-driving car hanging in balance, India is definitely not prepared for it


With the soil quality decreasing day by day and farmlands being acquired for industrial development in India, Hydroponics has a huge market in India.Hydroponics is simply the practice of growing crops using water that contains all necessary nutrients required for the plant’s growth.The plants are placed in a controlled environment like a greenhouse.The main advantage, however, is that the plants require less area to grow and can even be grown in places like rooftops of buildings. This can be a huge help to farmers too, hydroponics can be leveraged to grow more crops on smaller farms.This will increase the income of farmers and help reduce farmer suicides. At present Hydroponics isn’t too popular in India and is practised only by select initiatives like Pet Bharo. The government needs to take initiative in investing in hydroponics and educating farmers on the same, because this is one industry we would certainly need in a few more years.

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