Harvey Weinstein Sexual Assault: The Growing List Of Accused

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In 2017, Hollywood witnessed a weird time with bundling up of numbers of sexual assault allegations against some of the biggest names in the industry. The investigative and analytical reports by various news channels led to a rise in the revelation of these allegations against the Hollywood stars. This was aided by the social media trend of #Metoo where women took to sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. to reveal the alleged assaults happened to them.

 1. Harvey Weinstein

An American producer and the co-founder of Miramax Films have been accused of sexual assault and harassment allegations. Followed by the accusations, he was sacked by the Weinstein Company in October. Harvey Weinstein and Bob Weinstein had started The Weinstein Company in 2005 with some $1 billion raised from outsider investment. Approximately 80 women including employees and actresses, accused Weinstein of Sexual harassment.

2. James Toback

James Toback, a director and screenwriter who worked on movies including “Bugsy” and “Two Girls and a Guy,” has been accused of sexual assault or harassment by more than 30 women. Los Angeles Times revealed the story saying approximately 38 women accused him of sexual assault. Later, Glenn Whipp, who wrote Sunday’s article for The Los Angeles Times reported through a tweet that, hundreds of women were reaching out to the newspaper with new allegations.

3. George HW Bush

Actress Heather Lind claimed that Bush sexually assaulted her by touching her inappropriately while clicking a photograph for her channel. However, a spokesman of the former president told the Mail Online that President Bush would never – under any circumstance – intentionally cause anyone distress, and he most sincerely apologizes if his attempt at humor offended Lind. Followed by this allegation few more women came forward with allegations against him.

4. Bill Cosby

The comedian Bill Cosby has been accused of drugging and sexually assaulting former Temple University employee Andrea Constand in 2004, which continued with more than 50 women stepping in with more allegations. The trial for the Constand case was rescheduled from November 2017 to April 2018 by the Pennsylvania Court, on the basis of the request made by Cosby and his lawyers.

5. Dr. Luke

Dr. Luke is one of the celebrated producers in the music industry, working with top pop stars like Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson and Kesha. In October 2014, Kesha filed a petition against Dr. Luke in California for sexual assault, claiming that Dr. Luke allegedly drugged her and then had sex with her without her consent. But however, this lawsuit against him was voluntarily dismissed by Kesha in October, as she wanted to focus on music.

6. Roy Price

Amazon Studios executive Roy Price had been accused of sexual harassment by Isa Hackett, executive producer of the popular show ‘The Man in the High Castle’. Isa stated that she felt inspired by other women who came forward, citing the cases of Harvey Weinstein and other artists. Roy Price was suspended responding to sexual harassment allegation. Followed by this he resigned from the designation himself.

7. Bill O’Reilly

Bill O’Reilly a former Fox News Anchor has been accused of sexual harassment allegation by Attorney Lisa Bloom. Followed by more allegations, an investigation by The New York Times has found a total of five women who have received payouts from either Mr. O’Reilly or the company in exchange for agreeing to not pursue litigation or speak about their accusations against him. The agreements totaled about $13 million. He was sacked in this context in the month of April. Latest updates brought him again under criticism after it was revealed that his contract was renewed with $32 million sexual harassment settlement in October.

8. Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey who is an American actor, director, and singer and two time Academy Award Winner for the movies ‘The Usual suspects’ and ‘American Beauty’. He had been accused of sexual harassment and attempt of rape by more than a dozen of men, which began with the allegations by actor Anthony Rapp. These allegations have brought a flood of damage to his Hollywood careers. Soon after the allegation, he was dropped out of the shows like ‘House of Cards’ and the movie ‘All money in the World.’   

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