Gorakhpur Tragedy: The Ultimate Blame Game

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At least 80 children lost their lives in the state run hospital Baba Raghav Das Medical College in Gorakhpur due to lack of oxygen supply in the pediatric wards. It was accredited to the oxygen supplier who allegedly stopped providing oxygen due to unpaid debt.

This incident has triggered the usual insensitive political blame game in which sadly the misery of the victims takes a backseat. Somewhere between the opposition party will be blaming the ruling party and the latter slamming the former with some heated comments, the plight of hundreds is forgotten.

Let’s have a look at who said what?

Oppositions Parties: 

INC Vice-President Rahul Gandhi: It is a government tragedy
He visited the grieving families who lost their children in Gorakhpur. Along with the main leaders of the Congress Party, Rahul Gandhi also asked for taking strict actions against guilty calling it a ‘government-made tragedy’. In an earlier visit to the hospital he said to have asked PM to give money to the hospital, but no action was taken. He held Narendra Modi and his policies responsible for the deaths saying that there is a need for him to stop acting and start operating as a PM.

SP Leader Akhilesh Yadav: The government should recompense the families of victims
Former UP chief minister and SP Leader Akhilesh Yadav blamed the current government for not being serious while treating such issues and hiding the crucial facts. He pointed out the difference between what the party says and what it actually does. He further insisted on recompensing each of the bereaved families with around Rs. 20 lakh.

BSP Chief Mayawati: No criticism is enough for BJP government 
BSP Chief Mayawati lambasted the comments of BJP leader Amit Shah and Prime Minister Modi and stated that they are behaving as authoritarian showing their ego. She also claimed that everybody was aware of that the tragic incident was an outcome of unrestrained corruption despite that PM Modi called it a natural calamity which wasn’t fair.

RJD Chief Lalu Prasad Yadav: Result of negligence and incompetence of Yogi Government
Lalu Prasad Yadav expressed his grief over the event asking for a harsh punishment to the culprits. He bashed the Yogi government in a tweet for being irresponsible and showing the incompetence. He even said that the death of children in his hometown was caused by filth and nuisance of open defecation.

Ruling Party:
BJP national president Amit Shah: Tragedies have occurred under Congress rule too
Amit Shah dismissed Congress demands for the resignation of Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath over the deaths of children at saying this was not the first of such tragedies have also occurred, they have occurred during Congress regime too.  He said that BJP does not blame anyone without investigating the matter; it’s the job of the Congress party.

UP CM Yogi Adityanath: The guilty will not be spared
Yogi Adityanath, the chief minister of UP vowed ‘standard-setting punishment’ to the guilty. He said that having seen such situations since childhood, nobody would feel the agony of the children more than him. He admitted that the Japanese Encephalitis, a mosquito-borne viral infection, remains a challenge for his government as it has existed since 1978. He accepted the fact that the deaths were caused due lack of cleanliness and assured solution for this menace.

UP Health Minister Siddharth Nath Singh: Opposition parties should not politicize the deaths
UP Health Minister Siddharth Nath Singh defended the CM saying he was not informed by the officials and the doctors about the shortage of oxygen in his earlier visits. He said that there can be various reasons behind the deaths and that more deaths would have occurred if there was no oxygen supply. Proper investigation and strict action were assured by him. While saying the oppositions have been giving out statements in haste he also asked them not to politicize the deaths.

Union Health Minister JP Nadda: All causes of infection would be studied
The union health minister announced medical research center at a cost of Rs. 85 crore in Gorakhpur for researching into the children’s diseases. He supported Yogi Adityanath by saying that he always raised the issue of the vector-borne diseases as an MP. He asserted on the Government of India extending support to the state.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi: Condolences of the entire nation were with the affected families
While, PM Modi, known for condoling the tragedies from all around the world in his tweets was being awaited to comment something on this case. Several social media users expressed anger over his silence with ‘#ModiMustSpeak’ compelling him to voice his opinion. PM broke his silence and expressed grief in his Independence Day speech calling the whole tragedy a ‘natural calamity’. He said that the sympathies of the 125 crore countrymen were with the families who have been affected and that the government would extend all possible help to them.

Sadly, in this blame-game of all the political parties, it is the families of poor who have suffered the most. Hygienic and disinfected heath care systems still seem to be a distant dream for them in this political scenario!

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