A Girlfriend’s Guide To The FIFA

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World Cup Fever is on and even those who don’t follow football regularly are jumping on their beds and picking a team to support. But this isn’t exactly an exciting time for some women who don’t enjoy the sport but have to put up with boys, beer, and beanbags.

We are not implying that women don’t like football. A lot of them are aficionados who’d put self-proclaimed experts like me to shame when it comes to trivia and statistics. But let’s be realistic here and acknowledge that the majority ain’t really fond of the sport. So here’s me, a self-proclaimed expert, a friend-zoned single guy giving you a few hacks that’ll make it easy for you to perhaps enjoy FIFA.
The Offside Rule
It is perhaps something that quite a few of the seasonal fans aren’t aware of. It’s one of the most important rules of football because without it strikers will just be waiting in the box for a long pass that they can tap inside the net and the game will become monotonous and boring. How does it work? It’s quite simple. Football pitch has got two halves, each with a goal post. Every team has to score goals at the opposition’s end to score. So, when a player makes a run to receive the ball in the opposition’s half, he has to make sure that he is behind the last defender(not the Goalkeeper) when the pass is released. But only if he is the opposition box. If he is on the other side of half-line he can receive the ball even if he is ahead of all the defenders and can make a run towards the opposition goal.
VAR (Video Assistant Referee)
This is the first World Cup where the on-field referee’s decision can be overturned if the video evidence doesn’t support the original decision. Similar to the DRS(Decision Review System) in Cricket.
Favorite teams of the season
Germany was the favorites in the World Cup being reigning champions and having won the Confederations Cup without having any of their Star Players in the squad, but they’ve already been eliminated. As of now, there are no clear favorites, but France has a complete squad with an ample number of options available for each position both in the first team and the bench. With Pogba & Kante, they’ve got a really strong midfield only second to perhaps Croatia which have the likes of Modric & Rakitic in the middle. Belgium is again a dark horse with a star-studded squad that has Hazard, Company, Courtois, and Lukaku, all of whom play in the first team of top clubs in England. Spain, Argentina, Portugal & Spain might not have started well, but from the round of 16 onwards, it’s a knockout tournament so every team has equal chances of turning the tables. From now on, one bad match, and you’re out.
Messi vs Ronaldo fans
A fan’s loyalty to a country’s team at times depends on the player he likes in general. So if your boyfriend is a Messi Fan, chances are high that he’ll be rooting for Argentina. If your boyfriend is a Ronaldo Fan, he’ll be rooting for Portugal. Make sure you know who’s your boyfriend’s favorite player and then perhaps you’ll be able to figure out which team he openly or latently supports.
Apps to download
Download the ‘ Live’ app. In case you’ve missed a match, it will provide you with the match summary and all the details needed to have a conversation with your boyfriend about the match last night. Also, download the Sony Liv App as it consolidates all the highlights of the match and within 15 mins you can get a complete grasp of a 90 Mins match. Definitely good enough to engage in a banter, even a discourse with people regarding the match.
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