The Girlfriend’s Guide To El Clasico a.k.a La Liga

It’s that time of the year again where we drop everything and gear up for one of the biggest sporting events of the year, the El Clasico. Not only is it the biggest deal for the majority of men on earth, but it’s pretty important for all the girls out there too.

So, girls, here are some things you need to know to sound smart, or even to just enjoy the game…

The El Clasico is a bigger deal than Netflix right now, so tune in.

Any football match played between the two Spanish football teams, Barcelona and Real Madrid, is titled as El Clasico. The two legendary teams come face to face in an excruciatingly critical La Liga (Spain’s Premier football league) match.

But, why it’s such a big deal? This happens only twice every season and is so relevant because these two Spanish cities have always been at loggerheads (With Barcelona representing Catalonia which is seeking independence from Spain). So, it’s only natural that their premier football clubs (also the two biggest clubs in the world) are immersed in rivalry too.

Charge up!

Keep your bowl of popcorn ready and settle into your most comfy (edge of your seat would be appropriate) spot, you’re going to be watching the cream of the crop in action. If you are still not charged up, then the enthusiasm of the football fans at the stadium may help. The supercharged atmosphere of the crowd is unparalleled.  But don’t get too attached – ticket prices for El Clasico average at $2600.

Barca has got to prove its worth this season…

This time around, it’s way more crucial for Barcelona. Having just been humiliatingly eliminated from the Champions league quarterfinal round by Juventus, the Catalans have got to win

this game to prove to the world that they’re still any good. Despite boasting the star studded forward line of Messi, Neymar and Suarez, Barcelona failed to score even once in the above matchs.

This match will also decide their domestic fortunes for the season, being 3 points behind Madrid currently, who also have one more game in hand to hoard up on points.

Know that Barca is like the middle child of Spain – unloved, and always the object of ridicule.  They will have to take some desperate measures to get attention because Real Madrid ‘starboy’ Cristiano Ronaldo is in sublime form. He’s fresh from scoring a hatrick in his last match, as well as 100 goals in the Champions League. He is the biggest attraction this time around (Messi, who?).

…Or not Madrid is sure to lift the La Liga trophy!

Of course, Lionel Messi is also a football God himself – he is the all time highest scorer in El Clasico with 21 goals (Ronaldo has 8. But he also has the good looks, so watch him). Another Barca star, Neymar, will, unfortunately, have to sit this one out as he’s suspended for bad behavior against a referee.

This doesn’t help Barca in their fight to the top of the league, nor does the fact that they’re playing at Bernabeu, Madrid’s home, where Madrid have been unbeaten this entire season.

In other news, Madrid has Gareth Bale who has returned from an injury break and manager Zidane is getting him ready for Sunday’s game.

Madrid has the odds on their side for a win, and if they do, this will be the first since 2012. And 

Barca have to keep the pressure on Madrid, otherwise it’s a surety that they hand the La Liga to Los Blancos (Along with their pride).


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