Everything You Don’t Need To Know About The Hrithik Kangana Controversy

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A few contentious interviews, a social media feud and several accusatory legal notices later, the controversy surrounding Bollywood actors Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan has exploded in the Indian media. 

It  all began when Kangana referred to Hrithik as her ‘ex’ in an interview

While the 2 were first linked together after they worked on their first movie together, ‘Kites’, their relationship was apparently kept under wraps due to Roshan’s marriage to Suzanne Khan. However, in a recent interview with an entertainment website, Ranaut referred to Roshan as her ‘ex’, sparking a public controversy about their alleged relationship.

Both Hrithik and Kangana sent legal notices to each other

Offended by Kangana’s statement and the rumours, Roshan sent a legal notice to the actress accusing her of sending him 1,439 emails and claiming that she suffered from a mental illness. Kangana replied with a legal notice of her own, denying the allegations and stating that Hrithik had been communicating with her through a secret email address.                                                              

This led to the revelation that the emails might have been sent by an imposter

After Kangana’s statement about the secret email address, Hrithik claimed that an imposter was using a fake email address and impersonating him. He filed an FIR with the Mumbai Cyber Crime Cell requesting that they trace the imposter. However, the cyber-crime division needed to access the emails to investigate the matter, to which only Kangana had access.                                                    

The authorities needed Kangana’s co-operation to find this imposter

After the FIR was lodged, the cyber crime authorities demanded Kangana’s full co-operation to solve the case faster, but Kangana denied allegations of talking to the alleged imposter and refused to hand over her laptop and other gadgets to the police.

Kangana eventually recorded a statement dismissing Roshan’s imposter theory

On 30th April, Kangana finally gave her statement in connection with the FIR. In the statement, she reportedly confirmed that she was involved in a relationship with Hrithik and dismissed Hrithik’s imposter theory, claiming that the theory was his way of denying their relationship.

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