2019 Elections: Who Will Be The Next Prime Minister Of India?

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As the General Elections of 2019 inch closer, our anticipation and excitement levels for the new Prime Ministerial candidates has increased manifold. In the wake of recent developments, there should be no surprises there at all. Modi, who has swayed the public opinion in largely different directions, has a high potential of winning for the second time in a row. However, the Modi wave might slowly be dying down, giving hope to other potential candidates to hold the high seat.

Who are the probable Prime Ministerial candidates for the 2019 elections?

  1. Narendra Modi
  2. Shashi Tharoor
  3. Rahul Gandhi
  4. Akhilesh Yadav
  5. Mamata Banerjee
  6. Sharad Pawar

Will Narendra Modi get reelected in 2019 elections?
The Prime Minister of India, holding office since 2014, has a very good possibility of getting reelected for a second term owing to the ongoing Modi wave and his hits outperforming the misses. An opinion poll taken by Zee last year showed that 42% of voters prefer BJP whereas only 19% wanted to vote for Congress. His campaigns to amass Hindu votes through controversial beef bans and city renamings have certainly brought him a lot of goodwill. However, on the other hand, he still has to face the brunt of his failed promises for ‘acche din’ and better work opportunities, not to mention the CBI and Rafale corruption scandals.

Is Shashi Tharoor contesting for PMO in 2019?
An online petition for ‘Shashi Tharoor as India’s next Prime Minister’ was carried out by change.org in early 2017. It received 18600 supporters. Having worked in the UN for more than 30 years and authored several books, the legal expert from Thiruvananthapuram has always maintained a pragmatic and modern image which has so far worked best for him. He has also managed to steer clear of all the allegations revolving around the mysterious death of his wife, Sunanda Pushkar. He would’ve been an apt candidate from UPA, however, his reply to the petition (image below) made it clear that he had no intention of contesting for PM. 

But public demand for his candidature hasn’t died down. The people of Thiruvananthapuram are still vying to see him as PM. Modi vs. the others

Will Rahul Gandhi win 2019 elections?

The lineage of the Gandhi family continues with Rahul Gandhi, who has since 2014 tried very hard to prove his mettle to his people. With a legacy of almost 50 years ruling the nation, Rahul has the potential to be named as the PMO candidate this time around. Though he has mentioned on several occasions that he is ready to be PM, his party doesn’t seem too keen on giving him this honour. With the elections so close, INC wants to up its chances of winning by steering clear of Rahul’s “Pappu” controversies. In fact, in an earlier statement, P Chidambaram had announced that Rahul would not be made PM if INC won the elections.

But then again, the party hasn’t yet announced its PM candidate for the April elections. For all we know, they may have kept Rahul n standby until the elections were won, and then give him the seat. We can only wait to see what rolls out of the INC’s list of surprises.

Will Akhilesh Yadav be PM?
The Samajwadi party without much ado has declared Akhilesh Yadav as the Prime Ministerial candidate of the
non-BJP front in 2019 elections. Even though his tenure can be a matter of deep scrutiny, it will be unfair to call it below average. His young and energetic personality goes well with his calm composure. His supporters even today stand tall with him. He has managed to wriggle out of his father’s shadow and carve out his own identity. His leadership has made caste-based politics passé. The people now want to focus on employment and development and can, therefore, relate more to Akhilesh than Mulayam Singh.

Can Mamata Banerjee become Prime Minister?
Mamata Banerjee has managed to secure a spot in the race for potential Prime Ministerial candidates. She has openly criticized the Modi government on a lot of policies which has helped mobilize the opposition to the same cause. The Trinamool Congress’ hold in West Bengal politics is very strong and it will take more than a Modi to impress the people of the state. Banerjee is also busy hobnobbing with the opposition leaders, accumulating their support. She recently met Sonia Gandhi and even Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to discuss certain matters. Surely, her opposition game seems to be on fleek.

What are the chances of Sharad Pawar becoming PM?
The NCP President has been in the political scene for almost 50 years and has garnered the love of the masses, as well as across party lines. He has been at the helm of the country’s leadership and has been respected throughout for his work and his approach towards his people. Pawar and his party’s main aim is to defeat the BJP in the national and Shiv Sena in the Maharashtrian political scenario.

There is a good chance of him to be a candidate for the 2019 elections, seeing that the NCP is considering allying with the Congress for the same.

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