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Why Election Days Are Dry Days

Thanks to Mahatma Gandhi and his teachings of alcohol abstinence, dry days are pretty common in India, usually in show of respect like on Makar Sankranti, Ram Navami, Janmashtani, etc. But why are all our election days dry days too? It’s so that political parties and candidates can’t bribe voters with liquor, especially rural male voters, who also happen to be the biggest drinkers in the country.

Not to mention the fact that the unemployed drunkards can be easily bribed with alcohol to start violence. And this has been a proven technique for some politicians to come to power. uring 1966-1970, violent incidents by communist parties touched a peak. While Congress related violence peaked in the 80s, that related to the BJP peaked during the 90s. So here you go, legit stats to prove that violence, especially in a country like India, will ensure your family rules the country for decades.

Violence aside, do you know other ways in which politicians can rig elections?

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