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The Climate Change Fight Begins With White

The paranoia over disappearing ice caps isn’t unwarranted. Just like a white tshirt keeps you cooler on a hot summers day, the Earth’s ice (and other white surfaces) keep the planet cool. Albedo is the measure of how reflective surfaces are. While white has an albedo of 100% – Venus is the brightest star to the visible eye because it’s thick white cloud cover reflects the sun’s light back into space – black has an albedo of 0%, absorbing most of that light and heat. Remember how your mother told you to wear white clothes in summer? Yup, that’s the albedo effect.
Of course climate change naysayers will put their absurd school of thought to challenge this effect. There are way too many deniers that believe climate change is a natural phenomenon caused only due to factors like tilting of earth’s orbit and increasing intensity of the sun. And so painting the town white and the albedo effect are propagandistic terms. But you must remember what your mum said and make white your friend.
Loss of white surface is catastrophic for life on Earth because it only speeds up the global “warming” process. This video explains how.

Also, read our explainer of the L.O.C of climate change.

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