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Bot Attacks: Are Bots Taking Over Your Life


Internet bots are used to perform jobs on the internet like gathering information, chatting with consumers or almost anything and everything which is not possible for humans to do alone. Today, bots are pretty much everywhere. Infact, bots are responsible for approximately 60% of the internet traffic.

There are many ways these bots are intruding into our lives. From suggesting us a book to read to curating out social media news feed.But, it’s not all good. There are bots which are malicious and are trying to take over humans. Remember the time you went online to buy concert tickets for your favourite band it was all sold out. Whoof…just within a few seconds. You know whom to blame.

So, anything that is demanding, popular and trendy, will be taken by bots and then resold at a much higher price.

Here are 5 times that may have happened and you didn’t even realise:

1. That time you tried to buy concert tickets, but they were sold out in seconds

We are sure you have been through this situation. You are sitting excitedly in front of your PC and ready to buy the concert tickets for your favorite band. But, to your surprise, the second you click on the ‘buy’ button a box pops ups saying, ‘All tickets are sold out’. Of course, it would it unrealistic to assume that humans bought so many tickets in just a few seconds. That’s what we mean when we say bots are programmed and equipped to do things humans cannot.

So, this is what happens. Ticket brokers around the world make use of an army of ticket bots which make these mass purchases in just seconds. For instance, in 2012, a single bot made a record purchase of 522 tickets for the One Direction concert and 520 tickets for Beyonce’s concert. Another example would be when ‘Prestige Entertainment’ bought 1012 tickets to a U2 concert in just one minute.

This would be largely unfair to the consumers who do not use bots and end up paying more for the tickets. And in the end, the corrupt traders mint money using such bots.

2. That time you tried to get your hands on those rare collectibles but couldn’t

By the time you would select your favorite sneaker and add it to the cart, these bots might have emptied the shelves. That’s how fast they can work. Sneakerheads around the world are buying bots to skip the hassle of e-commerce captchas. For instance, a bot purchased thousand pairs of 350 V2 sneakers in 0.64 seconds each. By figuring out the launch of latest sneakers online through social media sites like Twitter, these bots enables survival of huge resale market of the same. Sneaker bots like “Another Nike Bot,” the “RSneakerFL,” “A Better Nike Bot “and “Nike Shoe Box,” which are casually in the market for $70 and $300. Sneaker craze takes buyers to such an extent that they even pay $2000 for high-power bots.

3. That time you thought you’d found ‘The One’, but nope, it was a bot

Have bots taken over us humans to such an extent that we have will be on a verge of dating them as well? So next time you log into Tinder, ask yourself a question- hot or bot? Chatbots which were initially introduced to be customer service agents on websites and apps, now are even on your other personalised spaces over the internet.

On dating apps like Tinder or Match, where you can’t imagine something other than a human to be interacting with you is being slowly invaded by automated bots. Chatbots with natural language processing (NLP) are able to analyse different sentence formats over a period of time.

4. That time you found the perfect Christmas gift for your baby brother, but it wasn’t available anywhere

If you could not get a signature chirpy little monkey toy, Fingerlings, this Christmas, you can blame it on bots. In December 2017, these toys went out of stock from actual sites like Walmart and Toys R Us and were resold third-party websites like Amazon and eBay 6660 percent increase.  The original prices of these toys were $15 which shot up to $1000.

But this is not the first time toys were out of stock. Incidents like these have happened in the past as well.

5. That time you applied for a job, but the position was ‘filled’ all of a sudden

You might have to work harder to prepare for you future job interviews as you might have to compete with a bot. More and more companies and MNCs are giving hiring bots which can replace many employees for a particular job. For instance, recently Wipro India replaced 12000 employees with just 1800 bots with would be dealing with consumers.

Even though the scenario seems like a BOT invasion, the evolving human intellect and natural instinct still leaves some optimism regarding future possibilities and a better advanced liveable world before us.

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