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AYUSH Ministry, Is Promotion Better Than Cure?

We know from the video that the Government is spending a bomb on the AYUSH Ministry. Now let’s take stock of what that’s worth.

65 new Ayurveda hospitals in 3 years

One of the ways AYUSH is getting a boost is by expanding the number of healthcare centers in the country. This has been especially true in the last 3 years, with the number of hospitals within the country growing to 65 as of 2017. The Government aims to set-up more units so that every district has at least one AYUSH facility.

15 insurance plans covering treatments

It is also taking on the health insurance sector. As per the report of the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), 15 health insurance companies provided AYUSH products and services under their various schemes.

8 lakh AYUSH practitioners 

The growing popularity of ‘nature’s treatment’ reflects the demand and faith of Indians in alternative medicines over formal medicine. With more students enrolling in the training institutes, the country now has over 8 lakh practitioners.

26 million jobs by 2020

With the current growth rate of the AYUSH sector, the Government eyes a three-fold increase in it by 2020.  It is believed to potentially create 1 million direct and 26 million indirect jobs in the sector by then.

200 crore worth of exports

IT has also created a vast product market with more than 30,000 branded and 1,500 traditional products. That’s a humungous chunk of the market, with the domestic size estimated to be worth 500 crore and exports of worth 200 crore.

With this staggering amount of progress in various aspects of it, AYUSH exhibits a speedy growth at the national as well as international level. But all it currently needs is enhanced, methodological and credible research to validate and prove its claims.

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