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Are We Prepared For A Total Tech Blackout?

Now that we know what a total tech blackout entails, here are 5 industries that will be most affected by such an electronic failure.

1. Media

Think of how you receive most of your information today. Sure, you may spend an hour with the newspaper over breakfast every morning, but most news is now online. Traditional newspapers have a sizable online presence and their articles are everywhere from Twitter to Whatsapp. And since even the printing of newspaper and the broadcasting of news channels depend on technology, a total tech blackout would mean being pushed back into the dark ages. Picture this, you’re already in a state of emergency with any power or communication, but you also have no way of knowing why, or how and when it’ll be fixed. Mayhem everywhere.

2. Businesses

Various technological advancements have heavily influenced both large as well as small-scale businesses. Corporate dependence on technology for human resources, online trading, fund transfers, inventory management, documentation, etc. makes for a guaranteed shut down of the whole sector. Extend this to all the people counting on these corporations to run, from fuel to food products, the devastation will be felt everywhere. Plus think of the billions lost in revenue.

3. Call Centers

When anything is not working, whom do you call? A helpline, right? Well, what if the helpline is down? What if nothing is working and ALL the helplines are down? That’s what you have to look forward to in case of a tech blackout. Nothing’s working, and there’s no way to ask for assistance because all the call centers around the world are going to be down.

4. Trade

Remember when the stock market ran on the outcry system of trading? Well, maybe if we had stuck to that we might not face a complete downfall of every financial sector in case of a tech blackout. Most capital markets now operate entirely online. Trading takes place remotely, and projections are calculated digitally. While this has revolutionized the sector with increased transparency and the frequency and speed of the trading process, in the case of a blackout, it would a total market collapse, possibly the worst one ever.

5. Financial and Medical Institutions

With increased reliance on technology for speeding up the pace of the various processes, financial and medical institutions are living a tech life. Everything from the documentation, data maintenance and transfers, the Internet is the backbone for the functionality of these institutions. Financial institutions, especially banks, use small networks hosted over the Internet for connectivity and data transfer across their offices and ATMs. Medical centers use CAT Scan, MRI, sonography, for testing, surgical techniques rely on power and smart calculations and even basic patient information is stored in cloud databases. Saving lives will definitely still be possible, but the related risks will go up significantly.

The impact of technology goes far beyond this, into almost every aspect of our life. Tell us about any other major shutdowns in the comments below.

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