6 Things Trump Did That Takes The U.S. Back In Time

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After Barack Obama served for 8 years, the most debated US Presidential election took place in which Donald Trump, came to power. Obama during his presidency took certain steps on the diplomatic front that have done good to the world. Trump, as we know, has undone some of these, whether or not they are for the betterment of the world, is a question that remains.

Here’s a list of what he has done –

1. Withdrawal from the Paris Agreement

Known for his conflicting and controversial statements, Donald Trump stated within 100 days of him taking office, that he would withdraw the USA from the Paris Agreement. It was one of the most crucial agreements to combat global warming with atleast 175 countries participating.

Backing out of the Paris Agreement is a big deal not only to the United States but also to all the other countries around the globe. 

He even eliminated the United States Environmental Protection Agency which during Obama’s presidency was looked up as a national force tackling climate change. This takes us back to the Kyoto-Protocol in which 192 nations signed to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. It was however only in 2005 that this treaty came into force when the world started seeing the repercussions of their activities. Taking a step back like this in 2017 is not such a smart move by him.

2. Tensing the relations with Iran

Donald Trump immediately after taking office signed an executive order banning nationals from 7 Muslim countries including Iran from entering the USA for 90 days and at the same time suspending all refugee admission for 120 days. Feeling offended, Iran retaliated back by conducting a ballistic missile test. The U.S then took the matter to the United Nations Security Council calling it an anti-UN activity and this lead to further heat between the 2 countries putting each other on notice and banning the sports activities between them.  

Obama’s continuous efforts had made the relationship between the 2 countries extremely strong on an international level with both countries proclaiming peace. Considering the fact that since World War 2 the relation between the 2 countries have been extremely fine, and now after Trump’s inauguration, Iran testing its missiles is an indication that something is really going wrong. We can only hope that a war like situation does not arise.

3. Cancellation of the Cuban Thaw  

After a decade of controversial relationship between America and Cuba throughout the Spanish-American wars of Independence, Cuban War of Independence and the Cuban Revolution, President Obama had finally normalized the situation in 2014. To better the relationship between the two nations, he lifted some U.S travel restrictions, provided U.S. banks access to Cuban financial system and the establishment of US embassy in Havana and Cuban embassy in Washington DC.

However, this lasted only until Donald Trump came to power and decided to take the relationship between the 2 countries back to square one. He canceled the Cuban Thaw and now wants a new agreement that imposes some restrictions on travel and funding.

4. Massive Overhaul On NAFTA

Trade was booming during Barack Obama’s tenure that gave importance to the 2 main sectors in America’s economy – agriculture and manufactured goods. There was the availability of excess goods in both these sectors. However, Trump administration is renegotiating the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) citing that the current deal does not yield the expected results. If statistics are to be looked at, Trump’s action could lead to the loss of 31,000 U.S jobs that were created since the Great Recession. This will put a halt to the decade-long free trade between the United States, Canada and Mexico.

5. Ban On Immigration And Refugees

While Obama’s presidency saw the highest number of refugees to enter the United States, Donald Trump is putting a ban on immigration which is more like a Muslim-ban. A total of 46% Muslims entered U.S during 2016 and now putting a ban on their immigration is not actually stopping terrorism but is in a way creating aggression among the nations that will want equal rights as other countries. Taking a step like this without considering its repercussion is just spilling milk over everything that was done by the ex-president to create a peaceful situation with the Middle-Eastern countries.

6. Repealing Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

Trump has also rescinded Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), which protects some 800,000 immigrants in the US. President Obama had enforced DACA in 2012 to secure the future of those teens that had come to the US as children with their parents. Although the policy did not grant them with citizenship, it protected them from being deported and provides them with legal work permits.  

Thus, the above mentioned cases are an example of how Donald Trump within a short span of his presidency taken actions that have taken the world back in time and left everyone with no other option but to question the future of the United States under him.

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