6 Reasons Why The World Might Fight The WW3

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While the nostalgia of 1st and 2nd world war still gives goosebumps, many scholars have already predicted the possibility of World War III. Various conflicts are continuously going on throughout the world on different issues. These issues are creating anxiety and tension not only between neighboring nations but also throughout the whole planet.

1. Nuclear Militarism:

Each and every country around the world are investing millions of dollars for development of nuclear power. Their investment in the defense sector is comparatively more than other sectors in the economy. Scholars are saying that tension between the US and North Korea is increasing day by day which could be a major threat to world peace. The past months have faced a series of alarming events by these countries that could break a war.

On the other side, US is butting head with Syria and Russia which are two major nuclear powers in the world. Tensions between these countries are creating a global panic.

Further, Sweden which is having 65,000 nuclear shelters is planning to increase it. They are now offering online maps for the nuclear shelters.

2. Lust for larger territories:

Austria’s territorial greed for Serbia was from one of the sparks that created the flame of WWI. It seems that history is repeating. Conflicts of territorial expansions are creating a high tide of possibilities for war between the nations.

Kashmir dispute is one of the never-ending conflicts between India and Pakistan which has equal chances of indulging in war. Besides, India is playing tug of war with China over the Doklam conflict. It has created serious turmoil between these countries. China has its eyes on Senkaku Islands of Japan, Baluchistan conflict between Pakistan-Iran- Afghanistan are the serious issues which have the strength of indulging in a severe war.

Israel trying hard to get remaining parts of Palestine, U.S wants areas under Native American influence. In short, every country is outwitting on each other to acquire larger part of this planet with could ultimately destroy it.

3. Natural Resources:

Earth provides enough to satisfy every country’s need but not greed. Countries are forgetting this phrase when it comes to natural resources. Resources scarcity and it’s sharing has always created conflicts and wars between the nations. Both US and India are watching over Balochistan province of Pakistan for minerals and metals in that ground. Crude oil is giving fuel to burning conflicts in the Middle Eastern countries of Syria, Israel, Iraq and Iran. Developed nation’s awful desires for oil could lead to the war-torn situations in these countries.

Water plays a prominent role in the history of wars; water is brewing war among — Pakistan and India over river Indus, China and India over the river Brahmaputra, Ethiopian-Egyptian-Sudan over the Nile, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan over the Vakhsh these are a just a few of the water tensions bubbling globally.

All these small clashes over natural resources could ultimately give mouth to third world war.

4. Diseases by an unknown virus:

Every year different unknown diseases invade various parts of the planet. For example, HIV was once unknown then the whole world started different campaigns to cope up with it. Then Swine Flu came to the light bringing new challenges with it. Finally, Ebola is the most recent epidemic spread specifically in Africa affected other parts of the world. These diseases create unrest among the people. As they are not known about these diseases and the medication and cure is either not affordable or available for them. More than the access, affordability has become the biggest concern. Drug patents increase the prices of medicines. If local producers are not allowed to make these medicines it increases their prices. Countries like Brazil, India, Thailand allow local producers to produce generic versions of medicines which are patented in developed countries. Every country should understand that medicines are invented to save lives. What’s the point if they are not reaching to those who are in need?

If generic medicines will not be made available to those who are in need it will definitely cause a havoc which could lead to war.

5. Rogue leaders:

Kim Jong Un, Donald Trump and Putin are the rogues who could cause a world war. Escalation of tension among these leaders is creating a worrisome situation among the other nations. They are brewing nuclear weapons to resolve the ongoing conflicts instead of peaceful diplomacy. Their insensitivity towards humanity will make this world a graveyard. These leaders are using nuclear power to gain political power over other nations.

6. Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence is intelligence displayed by machines. If you look at it from one side it is exciting but other way it could cause a major danger to our planet. Imagine a country with drone army, how horrible it could be!

The one who becomes the leader in this sphere will be the ruler of the world. It would be an awful condition if someone wins a monopolist position when one party’s drones are destroyed by another. It will have no other choice than surrender. Through this, the trust for Artificial Intelligence is going among the nations. New world powers will be designed based on AI advancements. AI is the next nuclear power. The competition between global powers to acquire artificial intelligence (AI) to rule the world could trigger World War III.

As the pessimistic prediction concluded these factors that may lead to world war. There is still optimism in preventing the war, many nations are mediating to ease the tensions between the countries involved in the conflict and maintain peace.

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