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That 420s Show
4/20 = code word for cannabis culture around the world. Let’s talk weed with some of our favourite (stoner) characters.
MEDICINAL MARIJUANA While the risks of consuming marijuana are unclear, it is often used for medicinal purposes in the treatment of cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer's, chronic pain, epilepsy and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Medicinal Marijuana is legal in Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and some parts of Australia.
CONSUMPTION OF MARIJUANA Marijuana is often referred to as a gateway drug but studies show that is it less addictive than originally imagined, and it may even be less harmful than alcohol or tobacco. However, if it is smoked regularly, marijuana would cause serious respiratory disorders.
LEGALISATION OF MARIJUANA The legality of marijuana is different in different parts of the world depending on the laws regarding possession, sale and consumption of the drug. Although it is most popularly legal in the Netherlands (capital: Amsterdam), it is also legal (in some forms) in Uruguay, North Korea, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Argentina and Jamaica.
MARIJUANA & THE ECONOMY If Marijuana was legalised, its regulation would generate an income of $8.7 billion in tax for the U.S. Government alone. Additionally, it would open up the usage of this plant for the textile, food, paper and fuel industries across the world, thus increasing revenue from these sectors.
MARIJUANA IN INDIA Usage and consumption of marijuana goes back 4000 years in India, and although it is explicitly banned in states like Assam, it is still consumed by thousands during religious festivals. Although it is predominantly illegal, authorities do allow exceptions, like bhaang, which is a milkshake made from the buds and leaves of cannabis. The prevalence of marijuana abuse amounts to 3.2% of the Indian population.
PRODUCTION OF MARIJUANA Marijuana can be grown anywhere (indoors and outdoors) and humans have been growing it for nearly 8000 years. While Colombia is widely recognised for its production of cocaine, it is also big on weed production. Countries like Uruguay, South Africa, Mexico, U.S., Canada and Afghanistan are also large producers of marijuana.


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