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Past 4°C: The L.O.C. Of Climate Change Explained

Feeling dishearted after that videos? Don’t, because there is a way to tackle climate change. We can reverse climate change if we don’t waste any more time and look to technology to give us a head start. Scientists around the world are constantly inventing innovative technological methods to reduce carbon levels in the atmosphere, which could control the effects of climate change.

Capturing carbon and burring it underground or simply converting it into a product:

Today, we have reached a point where merely reducing the emission of greenhouse gases will simply not undo the past mistakes. There is an urgent need for something bigger and more innovative. More and more tech companies and scientists are coming up with ways to not just reduce, but completely absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and store it underground. This can be done by CO2 plant suckers. Through this technology, either CO2 can be captured in its pure form and be sold as a product or it can be buried underground.

For example, Canadian Company Carbon Engineering (CE) is making this dream come true by developing air contractors which could absorb the carbon dioxide, which rules the air, and converts it into little solid balls of calcium carbonate. This can then be heated and broken down into pure Carbon dioxide and be combined with hydrogen to create synthetic fuel, which can be used to power planes, trucks, cars, etc.

Producing artificial leaves which are 1000 times more productive than the natural ones:

One of the most practical ways to suck out a majority of the greenhouse gases is covering the land with more forests and trees. But, the rate at which we have destroyed the green cover, it might take years to redo all of it. So, scientists have come up with the concept called Treepods which are artificial trees which are thousand times more efficient than the natural ones. Ten million of these trees could remove 3.6 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. A team of researchers at a university in Chicago have innovated technology which uses solar cells to mimic photosynthesis and convert CO2 into solid fuel.  

Using seawater to keep the climate cool:

While absorbing the greenhouse gases from the atmosphere can help reverse the climate change catastrophe, we also need to focus on keeping the climate cool. The glaciers, icebergs and ice caps are melting more than ever before and climate change experts have warned that it could have disastrous effects on the climate change. Scientists around the globe are working on inventing technology to refreeze the Arctic ice. For example, physicist, Steven Desch, and his team of researchers have built 10 million wind-powered pumps which have the capacity to add an extra meter of sea ice. So how does this work? During winters, this machine would pump water onto the ice where it would freeze and quickly thicken to form ice. While this being one way, few scientists have suggested injecting reflective particles which could reduce the penetration of the sunlight into the Arctic, which would help bring back the ice into the region.  

With all this new technology and hope in view, do you think climate change can be reversed? Yes, if all this technology is made accessible across the globe within the next ten years.

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