Year In Review: 14 Reads To Understand What All Happened In 2017


2017 has been quite a roller coaster ride for India and the world. Every day we have had bewildering and bizarre news items making it difficult for us to keep pace with all the happenings around the globe. From Trump being sworn in as the 45th President of the US to GST implementation in India and North Korea making the world a playground to test its missiles, we’ve had to deal with a lot this year.

But don’t you worry, WTD has got it all sorted for you. We’ve made a list of all the things you need to know about 2017 to get you geared up for 2018:

1. 2017 is ending! Yet, some things take us back to the 17th century. Like what? Umm…  Like, yet not being able to talk about sex or homosexuality openly.

2.Try recalling the fuss the censor board had created around #UdtaPunjab, #Lipstickundermyburkha, #Padmavati…

3. Anti-government is often confused with anti-national. Thus, there are high chances you can be charged with sedition or defamation.  

4. Despite this fear instilled by the government, there were a few journalists who dared to bring out the truth to light. Result: it cost them their lives. 

5. But it’s not all bad… Stay tuned for our video!

6. We are taking small steps to become a progressive country. Triple Talaq is finally banned. That’s not it. Take a look at some other landmark verdicts. Stay tuned for our video!

7. We saw more women coming to power and taking over fields like defense and cricket. Did some names ring a bell? Quiz yourself on how well you know people who made headlines in 2017.

8. After 17 years long wait, we are now one country with one tax structure. But did GST turn out well? Let’s see each month’s evaluation.

9. Finally, the NPA hit banking sector is getting some relief. Here are a whole host of articles and videos to help you understand the NPAs

10. Guess what dominated Google trend search this year? Hint: Its one of the most popular digital currency people around the globe. Here’s your guide to know all about it.

11. But, what about the censorship issue. Well, just because authorities think some topics might be “indecent” or not “Sanskari” it does not mean we will never be exposed to them. All thanks to the stand-up comedians.

That’s the scene in India… What’s up with the other nations.

12. Well, with every action Trump takes we are like: RIP Obama policies

13. Venezuela is experiencing its worst socio-economic crisis.

14. And some good news from the Middle East. Saudi Arabia is progressing from an oppressive to a modern society. 

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